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UPDATE – – – Start

I just got aware of a new Analytics Extension Directory from SAP. This directory stores all extensions for all analytic products.

Take a look at and give it a try.

Sadly the SCN Design Studio Community Components are not (yet) there, but they might be included in future. Until then dont forget to check out this site: SCN Design Studio 1.6 SDK Components (ver 3.0)

Saying that I will stop maintaining the collective list below.

Have fun using the extensions…


UPDATE – – –  End

Hi all,

I would like to create a summary where all the Design Stuio SDK components are listed. This is my starting point… feel free to send me information to other components and I will add them to this list asap.

Commercial Components

Check the official SAP Analytics Extension Marketplace here: Download SAP Analytics partner extensions

Use Case Description Vendor Additional Information
Hichert Charting / Table formatting

Addons to support Hichert SUCESS Rules.

Available for Charts, Tables, Bullet Charts


Products | graphomate

Buy: SAP Store

Export to PDF & PPT Enables export to PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Excel BI Excellence

Buy: SAP Store // Testversion: Software test

Commentary Solution Enables Commentary across all BI Products SAP Consulting SAP BI BO Commentary solution
Commentary Solution Enables Commentary in Design Studio CubeServ

CubeServ Reporting Framework

Buy: SAP Store

Commentary Solution Enables Commentary in Design Studio Bitech AG

SAP BO Design Studio: Kommentierungslösung

(only in German)

Commentary Solution Enables Commentary in Design Studio FIVE1 (only in German)
Additional Chart Types ChartsPLUS – more than 60 chart types for Design Studio Archius Archius ChartsPLUS™ for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
Dashboard Migrator Reuse Dashboards (Xcelsius) HTML5 output in a Design Studio Application APOS Dashboard Migrator – Xcelsius | Design Studio – SAP BusinessObjects – APOS
Maps, own JavaScript and others Components for: Maps, Custom JavaScript, Copy&Paste for Planning and ComboBox ABARCON ABRACON Design Studio Add-ons – ABRACON GmbH
(only in German) contact Daniel Appelt
Charts, Selectors,
Maps, Utilities
Missing Features and Functionalities for SAP Design Studio – 60+ Components and 400+ Additional Properties Visual BI 

or read Broschure as PDF.

Filter extension Enrich your application with an easy to use filter component. IBI Integrated Business Intelligence (IBI): Business Planning Solutions – IBI STORE SAP DESIGN STUDIO Extensions
Location Analytics Component Create Applications using Location Analytics (Maps) Galigeo

Get 30 days trial from Galigeo here

Check out that blog post for more information.

Hichert IBCS reports and dashboards with charts and tables

Extension to create reports and dashboards according to Hichert’s SUCESS/IBCS rules.

Create whole multipage projects with complex charts, sub charts and tables in one DesignStudio project. Also available for Design Studio 1.6.

Easy-to-use Self-Service component.

Languages: German, English, French.






Community Components

Collection of a lot of interesting components like…

Use Case Description Creator Additional Information
SCN Components collection

SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community – Collection of all the components based on the community.

The one place stop to check many usefull databound and non databound components for release 1.3 and 1.4. You MUST visit that blog!

You will find most of the documentation in the original not joint bolg posts:
Design Studio 1.2/1.3 SDK – Design Studio Utility Pack

Karol’s SDK Data Bound Components

Karol’s SDK Components

Michael Howles and Karol Kalisz and
the rest of the community
SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community
Gauge Custom Gauge component Nicholas Stein Design Studio 1.3 SDK – Creating a custom gauge component
Donut Chart Very flexible and good looking Donut Chart David Richardson Design Studio 1.2 SDK – Creating a custom donut component
SAP Documentation Components Collection of different Examples delivered as part of Documentation incl Google Maps and SAP UI5 components SAP SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.3 – SAP Help Portal Page
Maps component Google Maps and OpenStreetMap extensions for complex analysis purposes Martin Pankraz (ConVista) Google Maps and OpenStreetMap component SDK development insights
iFrame and RSS Feed Custom IFrame and RSS feed reader Martin Pankraz (ConVista) Wow, finally a customizable IFrame and RSS feed Design Studio extension
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    1. Adrian Egger

      Hi Dirk

      I’m new with building Applications with Design Studio 1.3. How can I work with SDK? What I have to know? Where can I learn how to work with it? What does it needs to develope custom objects? Is there a how to paper that explains step-by-step?

      Thank you very much.

      Kind regards,


      1. Dirk Mayrock Post author

        Hi Adrian,

        chekc the online help here: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.3 SP01 – SAP Help Portal Page There are some examples explained.

        Alternativeley you can book the SDK Development Classroomtraining:…

        And within the next week the recorded training for Design Studio SDK should get available…

        Hope that helps


        1. Dirk Mayrock Post author

          Hi Sunil,

          I just updated the list. When it is available in SAP Store just ping me and I will add the link to it. Do you have a solution description available in english?



          1. Sunil Bhaker

            Hello Dirk,

            Thanks for updating the list. Unfortunately we only have German version at the moment, but i will update you if it changes in the near future.



    1. Dirk Mayrock Post author

      Hi Fazith,

      please keep me updated when your website is reworked. Actually I cant find the DesignStudio Components to link to in the list. As soon as you have that available I will do an update.



            1. Fazith Ali Zakir

              Hi Dirk,

              Can you please change our Company name you’ve mentioned as visualbi to Visual BI Solutions?

              We are collectingly calling the Components as “DSX Components for SAP Design Studio” it would be great if you can add this to your Table.


              Fazith Ali Z

  1. Bharath kumar

    hi ,

    this is Bharath i am interested in design studio what are the per-requisites to learn which is better SAP WEBI SDK OR DESIGN STUDIO SDK

  2. Arun Prasad

    Hello Dirk,

    I am facing the issue with Data Cell displaying inconsistent scaling, Inconsistent UOM display & -ve numbers being concatenated as ‘-‘2.5% with the Design studio SDK DataBinding Interface “ResultCellList” and CVOM library to format cell value

    I have used the SAP provided function formatValue(value, tuple) for cell formatting and it uses the below SAP CVOM library.
    return sap.common.globalization.NumericFormatManager.format(value, strFormat);

    Design studio BIP version 1.3 SP01
    Design studio client Tool 1.3 (Version

    Have anybody faced this problem and is anyone aware of the CVOM library Standard Crosstab uses and it seem to work correctly for the same BEX query. Please advice.



  3. Sven Zech

    Hi Dirk.

    We released a new component today! It’s a fully integrated commenting solution for the SAP Design Studio.

    You can find more details and videos on our Demo page: (we will add more content soon)

    The Design Studio Components are already available in English. Currently the web pages are in German only – but we’re working on that…



  4. Mustafa Bensan

    Hi Dirk,

    I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the naming convention for your SDK Component List.  To better reflect the intent of the components and the level of support provided, perhaps you could consider renaming the sections as Commercial Components (for vendor components, instead of “SDK Extension for sale”) and Community Components (for open source components, instead of “SDK Extension for free”)?

    For example, it’s quite possible that 3rd-party vendors could also provide completely free “lite” versions of their components but these probably don’t belong in the same category as “SDK Extension for free” since they would have a more formal support expectation and are not open source. 

    Also, now that Mike and Karol have established the SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community, the new naming might be more appropriate.

    Anyway, this is just a suggestion for your consideration.  Others may wish to comment as well.



  5. Martin Pankraz

    Hi Dirk,

    here are some more extensions for you to add to your community component list. I added the links to the corresponding blog postings on SCN too.

    • ConVista Visualizations (vendor ConVista Consulting):

         Provides Google Maps and OpenStreetMap extensions for complex analysis purposes

         MartinPankraz/ConVista-DS-SDK-Visualizations · GitHub

    Google Maps and OpenStreetMap component SDK development insights

    • Custom IFrame and RSS feed reader (vendor Martin Pankraz)

         MartinPankraz/DesignStudioSDK-Components · GitHub

    Wow, finally a customizable IFrame and RSS feed Design Studio extension

    Keep up the good work.



      1. Pankaj Raj

        Thanks Karol !!

        Is there a Handbook on developing SDKs for design studio ? Can you please share if possible. We are process of running an initiative for developing Design Studio SDKs.



          1. Pankaj Raj

            Hi Karol,

            Thanks for this. I have been reading Design Studio SDK development Guide, and I also got access to SAP Learning Hub E Learning Course on Design Studio SDK Development. The E Learning Course also uses Sample SDKs and Sample exercises. I was able to get the Sample SDKs, but I am still looking for Sample exercises to replicate what is taught in the E learning course, can you please help me with the same, where can I find those ?



            1. Dirk Mayrock Post author

              Hi Pankaj, Karol,

              the source files should be available from within the e-learning.

              When you open the e-learning you should have in the very top right corner a “Ressources” Link. When you click on that you should be able to download them.

              Does that work?


              1. Pankaj Raj

                Hi Dirk

                Thanks a lot for help. I didn’t notice it before. Yes that link works, and I was able to find the material. I hope the steps  / Exercise Files also work well with Design Studio 1.4 as well.


  6. Pankaj Raj

    Hi Dirk / Karol,

    Thanks a lot for your help. We followed the e-learning and its exercises. We faced an error while doing exercise 9 – Data Binding. After adding the necessary logic in the various SDK Files, we tried testing Data Binding in the Design Studio. After connecting to a Data Source, while trying to bind the result cell, we faced following error – “Unhandled event loop exception”. See if you can help here. Let me know in case you need to see the entire error log.




    Hello Team,

    We have installed Design studio and we have created a report but we could not publish to BI Launch pad .

    Can some one help us how to publish this report in BI Launch Pad ?

    Design studio.PNG

  8. Sujith PN

    thank you for the components.

    May i know how to enable on select functionality available in design studio for the custom extensions we create.

    This would be of great help.

      1. Sujith PN

        Hi Karol,

        Im not using native design studio SDK. Im creating CVOM extension on WEBIDE using D3. Is there a way to enable the standard OnSelect avaliable in design studio for the CVOM extension.



        1. Karol Kalisz

          Hi Sujith,

          I am not aware of any events in CVOM (Lumira) extensions. Those are only visualization extensions. But it is possible that my knowledge on this is already outdated.


    1. Martin Pankraz

      Hi Hans-Peter,

      In general packages deployed as Design Studio extensions are closed. To achieve what you want, for example with our SCN Design Studio SDK package, you would need to clone our GitHub repository and modify the build infrastructure to keep only the components you want and create a deployable out of it.

      If it is deadly important I would take the time to create it for you if it is a one time thing.

      Kind regards


      1. Hans-Peter Fladerer

        Hi Martin,

        thank you for your reply. As we have to update after every release I think we will install the whole package. This will cause less work.

        Thanks and regards



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