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Author's profile photo Koen Hesters

Promotion Management do’s and dont’s


Recently we migrated our Business Object Documents from one server (BI 4.0 SP4 Patch 6) to a new server (BI 4.1 SP3 Patch 2).  I wanted to share this experience and let you know where we struggled, so you can do it better!

We promoted the documents from BI 4.0 production to BI 4.1 development. And later on from BI 4.1 development to BI 4.1 acceptance and from acceptance to production.  So we could get rid off a lot of testing documents and other stuff not used anymore. However,  for some applications we had to promote as well from BI 4.0 development to BI 4.1 development.

  1. DO: while promoting log-on to the highest BI server (ie BI 4.1)

>> log on to CMC BI 4.1 >> promotion management >> Settings >> Manage Systems >> Add system (BI 4.0 prd)


>> When you want to promote your documents from one system to another, you have to deal with connection changes.  In this case we promoted our BI 4.0 production to our BI 4.1 development.  So the connections of for example BW production should be realligned with BW development.  To handle this, you have to set your override settings. (Remember 1. DO)

>> log on to CMC BI 4.1 >> promotion management >> Overide Setting >> log on to the BI 4.0 production >> Scan


>> log off >> log on to the BI 4.1 development >> start editing your connections (select only one connection and the edit feature will come available) >> set the override “active” and SAVE.

(editing will be change BW production to BW development)


  1. DON’T .. if you have changed your connection in the “source” system, do not delete the connection in the “target” system and in a later stage try to rescan it and force it in the target system.  This will create an issue, because a new ID will be created.  So only rescan (deletion is forever).
  2. DO ..  if you have multiple connection from other systems (BW from Production and BW from Development) rename the connections in the override, so you will recognize from which system they are.  (this is when you have to promote BI 4.0 development to BI 4.1 development)
  3. If you use query browser in your dashboard designs, it can be additional required to restart the dashboard server.Capture2.PNG
  4. If you promote your documents for the first time >> go to the manage dependencies window and select all.  For the following times, the document itself will be enough.Capture3.PNG
  5. We did not succeeded in promoting all from BI 4.0 to BI 4.1.  the user groups hierarchy we had to remake manually and assign the roles from IDM to the usergroups.  Followed by the update of the roles, the users will be hanged correctly in the hierarchy.  Acces Levels and user securtiy assignement are promoted cleanly.  In the promotion job >> promote >> Security SettingsCapture4.PNG
  6. NOTE that a promotion job can not include all your documents. (you’re promotion job will result in partially success).  An exact figure I cannot say, but we managed to do it application by application.
  7. If you reuse a promotion job, newly added reports will not be automatticaly added to your job.

If you have as well good advise about this toppic, please, let me know and collaborate on this document.

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      Author's profile photo DAVID GALLEGO

      Hi Koen,

      Thanks for this great document!

      I have a doubt about 'Override Name' OLAP connection in Destination system.

      When I edit the OLAP connection in Destination system logged in, I can update the data about connection (ASHOST, SYSID, CLIENT,...) but not the name (Override Name).

      For example: from BW_TEST to BW_QUA

      do you this it could be a bug or is a normal behaviour?

      Thanks in advance.



      Author's profile photo Syed Asif
      Syed Asif


      I am facing a weird issue using promotion management on IE 11 that when I import an LCM file it hangs and I don't see any error message to debug. But when tried import using chrome as browser it works..

      Can someone assist here on how to resolve and make it work on IE? the environment I am using is BI4.2 SP01



      Author's profile photo Sivakumar Chandrasekaran
      Sivakumar Chandrasekaran

      Hi Asif, try in IE compatible mode. I guess IE 11 supported in compatible mode, need to check the PAM 🙂

      Hope this helps!