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Dear Forum,

Some times without cost element only postings happened to GL account (P&L account) at that time there is a Discrepancy in FI and CO to avoid this follow the below process.

Step 1: – Execute the transaction SE38 and enter the program “RKACOR20


Step 2: – Now execute  this program.  The following screen will be displayed.


Enter the data in the fields as shown above. Also enter the FI documents for which the CO documents have to be deleted.

Step 3: – Enter the documents in test mode. The system will display the CO documents that can be deleted.


execute in update run and it delete the CO document.

Now execute the transaction code OKBA for accounting document to update the CO document.


First execute in test mode and if you find results are fine, please execute in update mode. Now system will create a new CO document for the corresponding FI document.




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  1. Former Member

    Good One,

    Further would like to add information on how to delete PC document and identify the inconsistent documents if there are.

    >Import report Z_FIND_MISS_MM_EXT in order to check if there are other missing documents for FI documents.

    > Delete CO: RKACOR20 or ZKACOR21 ( already provided by Ravi)

    > Report to delete PCA: ZPCA_DEL_REFDOC_FI



      1. Hidyath pasha

        Hi Ravi thanks for sharing this progamme may effect if the controlling starting from 2016 and fi has been posted 2010 at that time also it will link the fi document to CO


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