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Set your databases free! — with SAP Advanced SQL Migration

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  • So, we have BODS / BODS Workbench which is pure ETL, also brilliant Sybase Replication services (I'm big fan of these 2) and now Exodus?

    On what level does Exodus differ from these two and why do we need extra tool for that?

    IMHO in SAP this 'multiple tool' approach is a huge problem - there are so many reporting tools: WebI, Crystal, Exporer etc and now SAP is starting to do the same with EIM world.

    • The different tools you mention are orthogonal and have different aims.


      ETL, Replication Server etc. are data movement tools, which can be used for *data* migration (which is just one phase, and a relatively simple one, in a migration process).


      In contrast, Exodus is a tool to help migrate SQL code (i.e. stored procedures) from a non-SAP SQL dialect to a SAP SQL dialect, especially for migrating custom (non-SAP) OLTP applications. So far SAP did not provide any migration tools that could do this.

      At the same time, Exodus does not do anything for data migration.


      Another difference is that Data Services and RepServer are actually SAP products that customer can buy. Exodus is a tool that is available to SAP Partners under a license agreement at no cost.

  • It's nice to see your post again after quite a long while, excellent stuff.

    There is almost no marketing push for SAP ASE, I hope SAP can shed some light on ASE.

  • I think this is a very clever investment in SAP ASE and being free would push customers and partners towards pure SAP landscapes.

    I'm not sure if many customers will migrate but this tool is something SAP had to do.

    • Note that Exodus is not specific for SAP ASE alone, it also supports SAP IQ and SAP SQL Anywhere as target databases. But since the main target of Exodus is transactional stored procedures-based custom applications, ASE is indeed a likely target to be used.