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How to use Northwind OData service with SAP Web IDE

I’ve received several requests about how to use the public Northwind OData service located at the address with SAP Web IDE. I’m going to explain in this post how to do it.

Let’s go!

Configure the destination by going to your cockpit and create a new destination in the following way:

Parameter Value
Name northwind
Description Northwind OData Service
Proxy Type Internet
Cloud Connector version 2
Authentication NoAuthentication

Add also the following additional properties:

Parameter Value
WebIDEEnabled true
WebIDESystem Northwind
WebIDEUsage odata_gen

You should get something like this:

Pay attention to the following things:

  1. In the destination URL you should only provide the domain, so it’s just Then, when using the wizard, you can put the full URL or just the path /V3/northwind/northwind.svc;
  2. do not forget to use the new names (WebIDEEnabled,WebIDESystem,WebIDEUsage) for the Additional Properties since the old ones have been deprecated;
  3. the new usage for this OData source is “odata_gen“, which represents the generic OData functionality.

So, for example, if you want to create a SAP Fiori application using the SAP Fiori Starter template you have to do the following at step 3 of the creation process:


  1. Select Service URL
  2. Select the destination we have created, in this case it’s Northwind OData Service
  3. Copy here the path to the service, in this case “/V3/northwind/northwind.svc
  4. Click on the little “Play” button
  5. Click on Next

After this, the process continues as usual.

You have successfully connected your SAP Web IDE environment with the Northwind OData service.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s working fine.

    In this document North wind service is public service and don’t have any Username and Password.But, If the Service as Username and password how to create the application in SAP River RDE.

    I am trying to get the Product list of the following URL which was given by openSAP.$metadata

    In this scenario the service as Username and password.

    I followed the same procedure for the above URL also when creating application.

    But I am not getting any data in the Output and getting following error in console

    GET$metadata 403 (Forbidden) datajs.js:17

    I just mentioned the following path in Component.js file and neo-app.json file.

    “config” : {

        “resourceBundle” : “i18n/”,

        “titleResource” : “SHELL_TITLE”,

        “serviceConfig” : {

              name: “”,

             serviceUrl: “/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZGWSAMPLE_SRV”



    How to give the Service URL in component.js file to get the metadata of the service?

    Please Guide me.



      • Hi,

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        I followed those two steps in the given document.

        Still I am getting same error.

        Below is my Destination configuration.


        I didn’t change anything in Component.js  file.

        I don’t know where I have done mistake.

        Please suggest me.



        • Sridevi,

          try by using the same name I used in my screenshot for the destination and specify also ES1 as the RDESystem property.

          I’m not totally sure if a sort of naming convention exists.



          • Hi,

            I have changed my configuration as you mentioned above.Still getting same error.

            Destination Configuration:/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/destination1_494021.jpg

            component.js file




            After configuration I have created another new application.While creating it was asked Username and Password (For Previous app  I didn’t get Logon popup box) .But, when I run the application again it is showing same error message.

            message Forwarding to internal destination is not allowed for destination Product Collection

            Is there any mistake in my code 😕 ?



          • Hi,

            Thank you. It’s working fine 🙂 .

            I made some mistake in neo-app.json. I added name as Product Collection instead of app name (es1_abap_odata_ext) and some path changes also there .Now I changed to app name.

            But I have one doubt. In northwind service we mentioned total path in neo-app.json. But in this service we mentioned up to /sap/opu/odata. Why we have done like this? Is there any reason ℹ ?

            Once again thank you very much for your quick reply.



      • Hello Simmaco and Sridevi,

        The Northwind Sample service worked fine yesterday with Master-Detail Template. Today, when I ran the same app, there was no output. The entire output area shows only the Blue-strips.

        I also tried using the SAPES1 service and used the Products collection for one app and BusinessPartner Collection for another app.

        I am able to choose the items to display, from the Template’s Drop-down boxes as well, for both Master and Details page.

        But, when I Run both the apps, the Master page is empty, with “No Data”.

        Please check the attached screenshots and kindly suggest the required changes.

        Component.js ->


        I even tried changing the “name” in the Component.js file, as in below picture.

        Component.js (name modified) ->

        Component file2.png

        Even this didn’t help me.

        neo-app-json ->


        Destination Configuration ->

        Destination Configuration.png

        Blank Output ->

        Blank Master page.png

        Kindly let me know, where I need to change my app.

        Thanks and Regards,

        Suraj Kumar

          • Hi Andreas,

            Yeah i am able to solve the issue and its woking fine now 🙂

            Can you  please elaborate your issue? or can u ping me so that we can look in to the issue together and post the inference over here finally?

            Thanks & Regards,


          • Hi Andreas,

            Yes, with valuable guidance, I was able to solve the issue.

            First, ensure that your Destination has been configured properly. Refer Below image.


            Destination Configuration.png

            After you have set you Destination, as shown above, save the Northwind Service’s metadata.xml file , as shown in the blog above.

            Note- >

            1. When you save the file, make sure the name is “metadata” and not “$metadata”.

            2. Also you need to add the “.xml” extension. So the name should be “metadata.xml”, now save this xml file.

            Next, go to the River RDE. Create  a New Project, choose Template and then Click on “Browse” and select the metadata.xml file, which you have saved earlier(as shown in the blog).

            Configure the Master and Details pages and click on finish.

            Now, ensure that your Component.js file is as shown below.

            Component.js file ->


            Note – >

            1. In the above image, just concentrate on the “config” part, line numbers 14 to 20.

            2. If you see an additional line like “entry-path”, please delete i from the above specifed line numbers.

            Moving ahead, you now need to make changes in the neo-app.json file, as below.

            Neo-app.json file ->


            Note ->

            Here again, if you find any line saying “entry-path”, please delete it.

            Once you are done with these, Save your app by going to File -> Save All.

            Run the app, by double clicking on the index.html file and then the Run button.

            You should be able to see the output or at least the rough dummy output.

            Let me know if you were able to get the Output.


            Kindly add if I missed anything.


            Suraj Kumar

          • Thanks Suraj, in the meantime I was able to get it running. But to be honest it was more try and error without really understanding how to configure the destination parameters. I hope I find some more info than those in the docu.


            Regards, Andreas

    • Hi Vinay,

      I don’t think that this error is related to this OData configuration. It seems to be more related to your Orion space. Maybe you can try by deleting the ZSAMPLE_001 application from SAP River RDE and clearing your browser cache.



  • Thank you so much Simmaco.

    Very useful and informative blog.

    And is the above mentioned process same for accessing XSODATA as service

    from HANA instead of an ABAP system?!

    By following the above mentioned process i get a blank output as faced by Suraj .

    Code snippet of my app is shown below:

    Changes being done for neo-app.json is:


      “welcomeFile”: “index.html”,

      “routes”: [


          “path”: “/common_hanae2e_development/service/hdbtableOperation.xsodata”,

          “target”: {

            “type”: “destination”,

            “name”: “fioritest”,

            “entryPath”: “/resources”


          “description”: ” SAPUI5 Resources”




    And for component.js it is:

    “config” : {

      “resourceBundle” : “i18n/”,

      “titleResource” : “SHELL_TITLE”,

      “serviceConfig” : {

      name: “”,

      serviceUrl: “/common_hanae2e_development/service/hdbtableOperation.xsodata”



    And in the destination it is:

    Destination configuration:




    Proxy Type:Internet

    RDEEnabled: true

    RDESystem: WR1

    RDEUsage: odata_xs

    I get a Blank output as mentioned by Suraj.
    Can some one please look into this and give me a solution as early as possible?!

    And i get a 403 forbidden error on executing the URL:$metadata 403 (Forbidden)

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    • Hi Suresh,

      unfortunately I don’t have access to that system so I cannot test if it works or not for me.

      What I can say is that I just tested again the Northwind example and it still works great.

      If you ping me in private I can send you a copy of my working app.



      • Hello Simmaco,

        Thank you for having the thought of sharing a copy of your working App.

        Kindly connect with me on scn, you that we may exchange mails for the issue.

        Thanks and Regards,

        Suraj Kumar

    • Hi Poorna,

      Please refer the reply which I had posted on 11th Aug 2014, in response to Andreas Appelt.

      Hope you find it to be useful.

      Do let me know.


      Suraj Kumar

  • Hello Simmaco,

    Thanks to your blog, I was able to create an app using the SAPES1 sample Service.

    With some research and trials, I was also able to deploy my app on the HANA Cloud.

    I can now directly enter the URL of my app deployed on the HANA cloud in the Desktop and iPad browsers and access the app online without going to the SAP River RDE. 🙂

    But, now I am facing an issue. Whatever changes I have made after deploying the app on HANA are not visible in the browsers. I can see those new changes in the RDE by Running the app in RDE, but not on the HANA app using app URL.

    The option of deploying the app on the HANA Cloud is disabled for this project now.

    Is there any way in which we can either re-deploy the app again on HANA Cloud or delete the app and re-deploy it or update it on HANA.

    Please Note ->

    1. I deleted an app which was deployed on HANA Cloud. Then I created new app project with same name. When I try to deploy this new app Project on HANA Cloud, I get an error message saying that the app is already present on HANA Cloud.
    2. I am looking for a method to re-deploy the same app or update it on HANA, as I need to have the same app name.

    Hope I was able to give you a clear idea of what I want to do.

    Kindly suggest what can be done.

    Awaiting for your valuable reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Suraj Kumar

    • Hi Suraj,

      As far as I know there is still an open bug, which prevents to re-deploy on HANA an application that was previously deleted and recreated with the same name. It will be fixed in the upcoming version. As a temporary workaround, since you want to keep the name of the project, you can manually deploy on HANA by using the Git client in the RDE tool. You need to open Tools -> Git pane, stage the changed files, create a commit for them, push the commit to the remote repository. Once done this, you need to go on the HANA cockpit and create and activate a new version.



      • Hi Simmaco,

        Thank you for the quick update and for sharing the workaround steps.

        I will try those steps and share the outcome.

        Thanks & Regards,


      • Hello Simmaco,

        Once again Thank you for sharing the steps.

        The process gets bit complex and confusing, but after a few trials, I was able to apply the steps and got the changes deployed to the same app.

        When I committed the version and activated it… I got the most recent changes on the app over HANA.

        Note – >

        Those who are trying the steps to re-deploy the app on HANA Cloud, please be patient and you will be able to get it done.

        Once again Thank you 🙂

        Thanks & Regards,

        Suraj Kumar.

  • Hello Simmaco,

    Hope you are doing great 🙂

    I had been researching on configuring the SAP River RDE with external OData Services.

    I found a document to configure the RDE, at the URL given below.

    The Section 4.5 of the PDF, from the above link describes the need to setup three different destinations.

    Sr.No     Usage                         Path

    1          odata_abap               /sap/opu/odata

    2          dev_abap                  /sap/bc/adt

    3          ui5_execute_abap    /sap/bc/ui5_ui5

    However, through the steps outlined in your blog How to configure an external GW system with SAP River RDE, we had configured only 1 type of destination i.e. odata_abap usage type, for the RDE app with the SAP’s sample SAPES1 OData service.

    I tried using my company’s OData service, by configuring it in destinations, as shown in your blog. But was not able to create an app, as there were no Services displayed in the Catalog, to configure the template.

    I request you to kindly clarify my doubt.

    Do we need to follow the process outlined in the link shared above? If yes, how to get or enable those destinations? If no, then is there any other way in which I can configure my company’s OData service in destinations and get the app created using Templates.

    Requesting for your valuable support.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Suraj Kumar

  • Very much useful for beginners. Your step by step explanation help me connect with northwind by my study application without any bug. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I followed the above procedure but I am getting the error as below while adding Data Connection,

    “Cannot process the request due to failure in oData Service.”

    I am using proxy for Internet access, Do I need to make any changes in configuration?

    Please suggest me.

  • Are the same steps applicable when using Eclipse and deploying in HCP instead of using WEB-IDE. Also instead of northwind service , I am using my own odata webservice from ECC.

    I am facing some issues for which I have explained in the thread OData call 404 when running from HCP. Kindly let me know where I am going wrong.



  • can any one tell me why am not able to connect to Northwind database as the It says the GAteway timeout   when i give the service URL in Dataconneciton in sap webide . please explaion

  • Thanks for sharing. I just have a question regarding the additional property ‘WebIDESystem’.

    What’s the meaning of this property? I think this property is not useful if I set WebIDEUsage to odata_gen.

  • Hi Simmaco,

    What we should provide as “Namespace” in Template Customization tab (After providing service URL –>Next).

    Currently I am giving as “com.test.northwind”.

    But in component.js file not getting any metadata to  change my service URL.

    as shown in below image.

    Can you help me what was the mistake I am doing?


    • Hi Rajee,

      I think that this question is not strictly related to the content of this blog, so maybe next time you may want to create a new discussion making it as a question. In this way we can better address your issue.

      However, just to help you on this, I think that you can find what you are looking for, in the “manifest.json” file. Now, most of the Component.js file’s content has been moved there.



  • When creating the OData Service in the Web IDE for my Application, I get the following error message:

    “Unhandled Error: Cannot read property ‘getContent’ of null”

    Do you know what that means?

    Thanks and kind regards.

  • HI – Im getting ‘Service is Unavailable‘ on web IDE when I test the data connection while creating an app. I have added ‘Northwind’ in Destinations on HCP trial cockpit. What is that I missed?

    More details:

    When I run this URL –$metadata 

    Getting this error 

    HTTP Status 504 – An internal application error occurred. Request: 2587945522 i302342trial:webide

  • Hi
    i am getting this error.

    Failure reason: “Read timed out (local port 43563 to address (, remote port 8080 to address (”.

    This is from my Trial Account.

  • Check Connection

    Failure reason: “Read timed out (local port 38362 to address (, remote port 8080 to address (”

     Following Error is showing while connecting Northwind

    For me also getting same error what Sidhartha Chennuri posted….

  • Great description.

    However doesn’t work. When I add that service in WebIDE I get error “OData version 3 is not supported”

    (same issue )

  • Hi there,


    It seems that HANA B1 Service Layer only supports OData version 3 and 4, how can I get past this OData version 3 not supported issue ?


    Please assist…


    Kind Regards,

    Brenden Draper