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Addition of watermark in an Adobeform


  The Main objective of this paper is to

  • Brief the importance of watermarking documents.
  • Brief the procedure of adding watermark in adobe forms and make it still more customizable,

Which help the Developers/Clients to make their work easier, effective, and reusable.

Introduction to Adobe Forms:

SAP Adobe Forms is a result of cooperation between SAP and Adobe – represent state-of-the-art print technology in the SAP system. Thanks to the successful cooperation, SAP users can use forms in a commonly known and accepted PDF format. The usage of the PDF format means that forms retain their appearance regardless of the environment they are used in.

We are going to focus on SAP Adobe forms with Watermark using ABAP workbench and Adobe Life cycle Designer.

What are Watermarks and their usability:

Watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness.

Watermarks can be a valuable asset to any document. They help convey the status of a document such as the “Draft” or the importance of the data in the case of a “Confidential” watermark. They also help the differentiating between copy and original documents with “Copy” and “Original” water mark respectively.

Watermark ensures that the copyright owner’s name / company logo is superimposed on the documents.

Procedure to add watermarks on Adobe forms:

For adding watermarks in the adobeform we have to make the change in the layout level. We have to go to transaction sfp for this.

Enter the form name in the box and open it in change mode.

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