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ASUG SAP d-code SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA Speaker – Introducing Pawel Mierski


Hopefully you saw ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Sessions Are Published – Featuring SAP Mentors, including Pre-Cons that SAP has published ASUG sessions for SAP d-code Las Vegas. For a complete listing please see here

I am pleased to introduce Pawel Mierski:


Photo provided by Pawel

Pawel is responsible to developing and creating new BI Solutions for the Finance Group and  is also heavily involved in the Data Governance at Molson Coors.

His ASUG SAP d-code session can be found here

Here is the abstract for his session, titled A New Approach to Data Warehousing with SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA

This session is about how Molson Coors took a new approach to its SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) system using SAP BW powered by SAP HANA. Important benefits to both IT and users of Molson’s smarter, simpler, and more agile data warehouse will be discussed with an example of how SAP BW on SAP HANA decreases development time by more than half.

He recently provided an ASUG webcast regarding BW on HANA.  Below is some of the Question & Answer:

  Q:  Hi – did MC follow the Database Migration Option [DMO] method?

A:  No – export database and import in HANA instance


Q:  What was the HANA version and revision again?

A: HANA Rev 69.03


Q:  How was disaster recovery handled?

A:  During upgrade, virtual machine crashed. Upgrade to HANA import and export process at same time; SAP finish manual- not sure of question.


Q:  For the listed Hana benefits, how many are related to Hana v just the more recent BW/BI/BOBJ versions?

A:  85% benefits are related to HANA


Q:  speaker mentioned about upgrading right after go live. From SP6 Rev 69.03 –> ??

A:  Live on HANA on Rev 60, 1st week after go-live, upgraded 69.03


Q:  How have you used SAP BW/SAP HANA on the Brewing side of the business as we all know that the Procure to Produce cycle for Brewers is long. Is there any thinking on how it can be incorporated into a differentiator?

A:  Process of making beer takes 5 weeks, HANA does not accelerate that. Do more global reports across areas.


Q:  Did MC have design time license as well along with run time license for BW on HANA?

A:  BW on HANA license – not enterprise license. SAP has changed license concept – more flexible


Q:  Didn’t quite understand the solution for real-time (is it more frequent loads)…would you be able to explain again?

A:  BW on HANA takes less time to load data in BI system – BW 740 not have to load most tables. Can load data hourly without impacting systems.


Q:  did you use LSA++ and how?

A:  Not used yet – available in 740


Q:  have you used standard business content for BW modeling

A:  Most of solutions are based on standard content


Q:  our loads are taking most time on extraction from ECC we r using standard content

A:  more of a comment than question?


Q:  How do you “Justify” the high-cost of HANA appliances & software to Public-Sector clients who don’t have the same kind of Fiscal & Market pressures that exist with a PRIVATE comapny like Molson-Coors…?

A:  Takes more time to develop something if not on more recent versions; more efficient if keep up with BI/BW/HANA releases


Q:  Did you do code optimizations in the transofmrations (Selects in field routine) before the migration? Did you have to do any post-migration optimizations?

A:  Didn’t touch a single line of code, but could do it.


Q:  Disaster Recovery in the sense of production fail over to a secondary site / system in case primary goes down. This will need sync or async replication from primary to secondary site.

A:  Virtual machine – HP configured; if production goes down, there is a replication every ms > backup virtual machine takes over


Q:  how much data you r loading everyday and how much time it takes for you

A:  DB grows 50 GB each month; hard to say daily – 50M – takes about 1/3 time from before. 


Q:  You mentioned a project using HANA to do sentiment analysis.  Did you use HANA/SAP only to do the actual analysis or was HANA used with another tool such as ENDECA or Splunk?

A:  A third party gives sentiment analysis – send a CSV file, upload to workspace in BI


Q:  Speaker mentioned about providing HANA Studio access to BI team. Does it mean they model using HANA Studio on BW data?

A:  Yes, model in HANA studio


Q:  I don’t think my question was answered – Was the Oracle DB compressed when  it was migrated over?  We are SQLServer with DB Compression and the sizing report did not give us much benefit.  We are going live Aug and worried we undersized.

A:  Oracle DB was compressed before migration


Q:  Were there ANY reports that ran slower compared to BW+BWA?

A:  no


Q:  Were any changes needed to Query properties? (for example in RSRT)

A:  Yes, had to do performance properties in RSRT


Q:  Did you use SI ?

A:  Basis from HP


Q:  What are the RDS packagesyou used?

  A:  The basis from HP took care of that part, so I am not sure which one he used..


Q:  Did you do any performance testing on Reports before HANA go-live?

  A:  Yes, we tested our most used reports (the 20% most used) and ran our tests on those.  All reports were faster on HANA than on the BWA


Q:  What releases did you upgrade to BI 4.1 and BW 7.4?

  A:  BO 4.1 and BW 7.3 SP9

Also see his BI 2014 interview with Dennis Howlett of

So I hope you will consider joining Pawel and ASUG at SAP d-code Las Vegas.


In case you missed ASUG Annual Conference below is a listing of some of the BW related sessions and their presentations (no logon required):

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