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Video tutorials for SAP Process Orchestration

Do you want to easily get started with Process Orchestration?

Check out our new video tutorials on Youtube.

There we explain topics like reliable connectivity between SAP BPM and SAP PI and show how to implement typical integration patterns.



How to use the reliable connectivity using SAP BPM and SAP PI


How to monitor messages


How to use PI mappings in a SAP BPM process



How to start a process with multiple interfaces


How to implement conditional starts


If you don’t have a Process Orchestration system (yet) to try this out – check out our trial system in the cloud: Try SAP Process Orchestration in Public Cloud!

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  • Oh - While I think of it - could we get one showing how to handle technical errors? That's come up several times because it was a late addition...

  • Was just looking for the multiply message receiving part. A shame it has to use a shared interface for handling the receiving of different messages.

    • Hi Daniel,

      we want to show how the pattern can be implemented in the solution today.

      Of course there are always things to improve - support for multiple start events is one of them.
      You can submit and rank ideas/suggestions on This feedback will help us to better prioritize development of new features.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Christian,

    First of all, my sincere appreciation at the videos - very concise and informative.

    I hope this is the correct forum to post a question on a problem in the "Review Result" Input Mapping in the "How to use PI mappings in a SAP BPM process" example.  Following the videos, everything worked except for the mapping error from the Process context to the Webdynpro Context. See below:


    "Incompatible expression type. Expected:Context_DO_DT_Order_Result Found:DT_Order"


    Thanks and regards,


    • In the video the mapping between the process context and task input was done using the default mather, i.e. by right-clicking & draging DO_DT_Order_Result onto the corresponding node of the task input and then selecting "Execute Deafult Matcher" from the context menu that opens.

      You on the other hand attempted to map manually. In that case it is not sufficient to just map the root node but you also have to map the subordinate Item-node as well as its three elements. If you do that the error message shoud vanish.