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Have you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering why your Smartform wouldn’t go?

Scratch no longer!

Ok, so this is going to be a really quick post, just because I think there’s a lot of people out there who didn’t know about this functionality and it’s very helpful.

Many times it has happened to me, I’m working on a Smartform, and I try to test it and nothing happens, the function module aborts with some formatting error or sometimes a “others” exception, and I had to go and try to understand what happened, comment out code or delete windows (making a backup) until I found where the problem was, usually a missing logo or a window exceeding the page limits. A missing text module will also do this.

But there’s an easier way to find out what the problem is, SFTRACE!

Let’s work through an example.

So, I tried to print/preview a print out, it didn’t work, what now?

I execute transaction SFTRACE and turn the trace on:


Try to print again. Refresh the trace. An entry will appear!


Now look at the info… in my case apparently there’s a missing graphic!


There you have it. I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,

Bruno Esperança

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  • Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Indeed I was not aware of the existance of transaction SFTRACE.

    So no more scratching 🙂 .

    Best regards,


  • Hello Bruno,

    It’s good that you blogged about it, not many people tend to use them for analysing SF errors. I hope that it creates awareness about this tool among the developers 🙂

    I have used SFTRACE a few times to analyse the SF errors. I can say from my experience that it’s quite a handy tool, esp. the “ABAP breakpoints” feature.


    IMO, for the completeness of the blog, you should have included it as well.



    PS: Sorry if i sound critical 😉

    • Hey Suhas!

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll include it as soon as I have some time 🙂



      PS: You never need to apologize to me, I know you always make suggestions with good intentions 🙂

  • Good tip. I heard about the transaction but somehow never got to use it. It would be nice though if the Smartform error messages were more descriptive instead of just “Ooopsie, something went wrong somewhere”. 🙂