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Consuming the SAP Portal on mobile devices – Updates

About two years ago we have announced the availability of running the SAP Enterprise Portal on mobile devices (also known as: Portal On Device, Mobile Portal or SAP Enterprise Portal mobile edition). Since then, we have significantly enhanced and extended the solution. With the release of the Fiori launchpad on the SAP Portal, we have reached a key milestone for consuming the SAP Portal on mobile devices with:

  • Rich end user experience for desktop and mobile consumption
  • Responsive design running on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Aligned user experience across devices
  • Following the SAP Fiori design
  • Extended PAM support
  • Theme customization with the UI Theme Designer
  • Developed on top of SAPUI5 libraries
  • Integration with SAP Fiori applications (planned)

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  • Thank you for sharing, Aviad!

    How do you feel about the positioning “portal on device” vs. “fiori launchpad on portal”?

    Are there still valid scenarios for using “portal on device”?

    • Instead of Portal On Device, I prefer the term “mobile portal”, and the scenario that it comes to answer is running/consuming the SAP Enterprise Portal on mobile devices.

      The Fiori launchpad on the SAP Portal is the way forward and recommended approach to consume the SAP Portal on mobile devices. Why?

      • Extended PAM support
      • Aligned User Experience across SAP > Fiori Ux
      • SAP will invest (from a functional perspective) in this framework page for mobile consumption of the SAP Enterprise Portal

      I would like to make sure that you review our central note: Known issues note FLP on EP – SAP Note 2008931

      Hope this clarified the point.