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Understand EBF / Service Pack and what has been fixed

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When you install an EBF SAP provides the installation files and these informations files :




After you have installed an EBF the following file is created. This file provide more details on the issues raised by customers and resolved by the EBF.

Example : TCH_1653.4371.txt (PowerDesigner – 4371)

After you have installed a service pack (SP01, SP02, SP03, etc.) SAP update this file


Some explanations on the subject


In this file you will find a list of fixes for EBF 23191 including all fixes for the SP03 (PL01, PL02, PL03) until old EBF 22251 (First EBF for PL01). See the column EBFID.

For each EBFID you have one or many BUGID with a short description about the problem resolved.

EBFID   BugID    Description

——–   ———   ———————————————

23191   765218   Customer is reverse engineering a script MS

                          SQL Server 2008. In the create index

                          statement, the ‘INCLUDE’ clause contains

                          brackets and spans multiple lines.  PD fails

                          to reverse engineer the columns defined in the

                          INCLUDE because they span multiple lines

                          and\or because of the brackets.  Here is an

                          example of what is being reverse engineered.

                          CREATE INDEX xxSRAxxx ON ABC.xxSRAxxx_INVOICE

                          (         xxRAxxx_SELL_DLR_MKT_C ASC,

                          xxRAxxx_SELL_DLR_C ASC,

                          xxRAxxx_INVOICE_R ASC ) INCLUDE (

                          [xxSRAxxx_INVOICE_D], [xxSRAxxx_INVOICE_K],



                          [xxSRAxxx_ASSGND_DLR_MKT_C], …..


This file say which files are included with this EBF to update your product : Example : PowerDesigner (see .msi), PowerDesigner Viewer, Proxy (see .exe), etc.

File List for EBF 23191


   The following file(s) are included with this EBF:




This document describe for which release, platform, and product this EBF apply

This EBF is for the following platform:

Windows x86/Windows x64 32-bit
SAP Platform: NT_X64 | Windows on x64 64bit

This EBF is part of this release:

PowerDesigner 16.5 SP03 PL03

This EBF contains updates for the following product(s):

PowerDesigner DataArchitect
PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect
PowerDesigner DataArchitect Enterprise

Finally after you have updated PowerDesigner you can find for each EBF under root Sybase PowerDesigner directory a text file. For “PL03 – PowerAMC 16.5.3 (build string: PL03)” the file name is : <TCH_1653.4371.txt>

In this file you have three sections :

1) A list of change requests identified by a CR number

     – EBF fixes the following Change Requests (for PL03 – current)

     – The CRs fixed in EBF2 were (for PL02)

     – The CRs fixed in EBF1 were (for PL01)

2) A list of Customer cases related to the Change requests : Customer cases: 11493777, 11767124, 11808906, 11773074, 11788295, 11815084, 11788975, 11800548, 11799558, 11814063, 11801369, 11803365, 11800107, 11798815, 11785973, 11802741, 50005415, 50005411, 11809659, 50501626, 50501638

3) And a list of Full CR Description the problems as reported by the clients :

Example :

Full CR Description.png

Service Pack

After you have installed a Service Pack, if you look in the PowerDesigner Directory for the readme.html file. You can find these comments for 16.5 SP03 released on November 25, 2013. The readme.html file is updated only when a new service pack is released (SP02, SP03, etc.)

readme example.png

A free trial of PowerDesigner is available if you click here

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      Very helpful in understanding maintenance structure and sequence.  Thank you for taking the trouble to elucidate, Benoit. 

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      Former Member

      Very good clarification.  Thanks !

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      Former Member

      Hi ,

      Can someone help me .

      I need the download the service pack version of Power Designer .

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      To download you can go here :Software Downloads | SAP Support Portal

      On October 2014, the last version is 16,5,4,1 (4535) - 16.5 SP04 PL01

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      Former Member

      How do I create the ID S -User authorization dowload software ?

      The administrator of the company's SAP system , is the company where I work or not ?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      First you must have a support contract active.

      Usually your enterprise must have the information about ID S-User authorization. If it's not your situation contact your SAP vendor.

      So, how to get SAP S User ID?

      1. Option one is to let your system administrator to do it for you. Thus, you need to know who your company’s super administrator is. Then, you can simply contact him or her to request them to create an S User ID for you.
      2. Option two can be handy if you have no idea who is SAP administrator in your company. In this case you can register for an SAP S user ID by clicking the registration link in the upper right hand of SAP Service Marketplace home page or by following this link: Please note that customer or installation number are required for those who want to register as customer and a partner number is required for those who want to register as an SAP partner.

      Note: Your email must be registered to your customer number. If not your SAP user ID cannot be created.

      If you do not know customer or installation numbers that are required for option two, they can be requested through SAP Customer Interaction Center. In this article SAP explain how to get SAP S User ID and provide some relevant information. If something is not clear or you would like to know more, let know to SAP in the comments section!

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      Former Member

      Benoit, Thank you very much for your attention !

      I am only user of the tool , could I would have to be someone authorized SAP to have the record ?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      You can be the system administrator and the user or the acquisition department of your company (paid for the license) can take this responsibility and act as system administrator. Usually it's the best way. Because if you leave. The company is able to keep the knowledge about licensing procedure, etc.


      This forum is a PowerDesigner Community of users. We are not representatives of SAP. If you want more information you should follow the procedure above.