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Real reason behind “Request Processing Failed. (XLS 000009) null” error in dashboards

I’m pretty sure that most of you dashboard developers must have encountered the “Request Processing Failed ( XLS 000009) null” error.

Request processing failed - NULL.png

Background information:

There were certain things that I found strange about this error:

a. Lack of proper error description, which made debugging difficult

b. Sporadic occurrence of the defect (say once a day or once in 3 days)

When you receive this error, you know for sure at least one of your queries was affected by this, as this affected query would not fetch any results. However the next time you receive this error, some other query must have stopped working. This was when we realized this error had nothing to do with the dashboards queries or dashboard design.

Root Cause:

After getting in touch with the SAP support team regarding this defect and after proving the necessary background details like the iPad error log, screenshots, product versions etc SAP concluded that this was not a dashboard design issue, rather a network congestion issue.


As mentioned earlier, this has nothing to do with the dashboard design. In many other posts, saw comments from other fellow members asking to restart services, create 64 bit DSN entry, update with latest patch etc, none of which worked for us.

As per SAP support, this error states congestion in the network. This could mean one of the 3 below:

a. existing servers and not able to bear the load/ requests

b. network issues between the geographical location when server is available and where the request is generated from (say your BO server is in USA and you are trying to run your dashboard from India)

c. network connection speeds across the client location and/ or developer location (office internet speed)

for points (b) and (c), there is nothing much that the SAP support/ BO admin can do.

However for the first point (a) SAP asked our BO admin person to add two more servers by cloning the existing DASHBOARD PROCESSING SERVER and DASHBOARD CACHE SERVER.

Believe it or not, this resolved the issue.

Since the day this resolution steps were implemented in our DEV and SIT environment, we haven’t received this error even once. I hope this is a permanent solution that SAP provided. We are constantly monitoring the dashboards in both the environments.

Request processing failed - NULL.png
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