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Integrate SAP PO and ECC Systems in three ways

Hi All,

This document will guide you how to create background configurations between SAP PO (Single stack) and ECC system for Part A – Proxy communication, Part B – IDoc_AAE  and Part C – RFC Communication.

PART – A – Proxy Communication

ECC System –

1.       Create Logical System in ECC System for PO system using Tcode BD54

  logical system.png

2.       Create RFC Destination in SM59 of Type G, which will point to the PO system –

  RFC 1.png

Here Target host will be PO system and

Path prefix will be  “/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?ximessage=true”

3.       Now go to SXMB_ADM and add configurable parameters –

Category – Add Runtime – IS_URL –

i.      Subparameter =

ii.      Value = dest://(RFC Destination which we created in above step)



4.       For Proxy generation one more RFC Destination needs to be created in SM59 system of Type G –


Here target host will be PO system

5.       Go to “SLDAPICUST” Transaction and configure entry for PO system in ECC System –


PART – B – Idoc_AAE Communication

1.       Go to SM59 and create RFC Destination of Type T –

     RFC 2.png

Give here ProgramID and SAP PO server host and service. ProgramID provided here will be used in background configurations of PO system.

Note :- Go to Unicode Tab here and select radio button “UNICODE”

2.       Create Port in WE21 of type Transactional RFC and assign RFC which we created in above step

SAP PO System

1.       Go to PO NWA à Configuration à Infrastructure à Destination


Click next and give details of ECC system

  ECC Details.png

Click next provide logon data and Enter connection pool settings and click Finish.

Note :- One more destination needs to be created with same settings as above for metadata XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_Destination_<SID> 

2.       Go to PO NWA à Configuration à Infrastructure à Application Resources

a.       Search for “InboundRA” of type Resource Adapter

b.      Click on Properties Tab

i.      Give value for parameter ProgramID same as we have given in step5 of ECC System

ii.      Give value for parameter “MaxReaderThreadCount” between 5 to 10

iii.      Give value for parameter “Local” as “true”

3.       Go to PO NWA à Configuration à Infrastructure à JCo RFC Provider

(JCo gives the communication between ABAP Stack and Java Stack)

a.       Create JCo for RFC Destination –

Here give RFC Destination name same as we created in step 1 of SAP PO System

PART – C – RFC Adapter Communication

1.       For using Sender RFC Adapter , we need to create RFC Destination of Type T in tcode SM59 –

RFC Adapter.png

The programID defined here, same programID will be used at Sender RFC Communication Channel.

2.       For receiving RFC adapter, we need to give properties of target ECC system like Application Server, System Number, Client, Logon User and password etc in communication channel.

Here Logon user should have authorization to execute function module.

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      • Hi Rashmi, How are you?

        First, thank you by shared your knowledge! Well I did the configuration, in SAP ECC and SAP PO 7.4 (single stack) but I’ve a doubts in PART – C – RFC Adapter Communication

        so, I created the RFC in SAP ECC as print screen (Ps. The programID have the same name of the communication channel in SAP PO.

        Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.25.44.png

        But, when I tested the connection I’ve the follow error:

        Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.15.35.pngFollow my communication channel:

        Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.22.45.pngPlease, could you help me? I don’t know, where is the error…

        Thanks and regards.


  • Hi Rashmi,

    Thank you for your knowledge. It’s very helpully.

    I’ve encountered a problem.I did the configuration between SAP ECC and SAP PO single stack. I have problem with RFC Destination type G with path prefix. Should I create special port or configurate something else?

    and when I check Connection Test and receive http 403.

    Status HTTP Response 403
    Status Text Forbidden
    Duration Test Call 19 ms

    Thanks advance.
    • Hi Luke,


      You need to provide SAP PI/PO HOST and PORT here….

      Please check PI/PO system is up also check user which you are using here for logon also exist in PO system.

      Also, you can give try with IP address instead HOST.



      • Hi Rashmi,

        I found the cause. I created a new user and forgot to assign a mandatory SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER role. Now is HTTP 200. I added missing role and the problem has been solved.

        Thank you for the tip 🙂


  • Hi Rashmi,

    I am trying to do a RFC call from PI7.5 to ECC. But I get below error:

    MP: exception caught with cause error while processing message to remote could not get a client from JCO.Pool:$Exception: (101) RFC_ERROR_PROGRAM: Parameter message server host (jco.client.mshost) is missing

    But in the receiver adapter no load balancing is checked.


    Could you please help me find the cause of the issue. Telnet port is open too.

  • Hello,

    We have an active RFC scenario running through SAP PI 7.1 landscape (RFC to SOAP scenario)

    The RFC configured in ECC landscape under TCP/ IP Connections. The data is currently routed through SAP 7.1 landscape

    I have build the same interface in SAP PO 7.5 landscape. We want to route the data from SAP PI 7.1 to 7.5 landscape now i.e. the data from ECC system should be send to 7.5 landscape and not to 7.1 landscape

    How can we change the routing to PO 7.5 landscape?

    What are the changes that needs to be done in ECC system?