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Multi-selection is a widely required feature when it comes to dashboards. We have List Builder for Desktop version of dashboards. However, we dont have any choice for mobile dashboards. Here is the interesting work-around for the multi-select. The out of box property of Line chart helps here.

Instead of creating multiple combo-boxes & check-box to enable and disable the selection, the line chart comes handy.

Insert the Line Chart and Select the Appearance Tab.


Scroll down and check the Enable Legend property. Check Enable Hide/Show chart series at Run-Time -> “Mouse Click”. This property is supported in Mobile.

Enable Legend.png

Preview the dashboard on iPad. Here you go…

Multiselect - 11.png

Tap on Market Share (Prior Period) and Quota, so that it will be disable for comparison.

Multiselect - 12.png


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  1. Kailas Kurup

    Another great workaround. These are some very easy to implement features that can really add value to the dashboards. Nice job Raghav.

    Another good part about these charts for mobile is that you can actually pinch zoom for even better analysis.

    1. Kailas Kurup


      I dont think you can dump the entire selected items onto the excel. However if you enable drill, you should be able to capture one selected value into a destination cell.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Veeraraghavan,

    Nice blog. 🙂 .I would like to add one more information to this idea. We shall use ‘Check Box’ option as well. It will also give the clear indication of selected labels in the line chart.

    Keep Posting !!!!


    Gokulkumar RD


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