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openSAP course guide for “ABAP Development for SAP HANA”



to the openSAP course ABAP Development for SAP HANA. The course started on September 25th, 2014 and is now in the so-called “self-paced mode”. Registration and more information about the course and the openSAP platform can be found here.

What does “self-paced” mean?

After the end of a course, the materials remain available in the self-paced area. The only difference is that you can no longer contribute to the discussion forum or earn a Record of Achievement and Confirmation of Participation – but apart from that, you can still learn all the interesting things about ABAP Development for SAP HANA, so join us!

Why this document?

This document is designed to support the official course material with technical information such as information about trial systems.

How to get a trial system

In order to get an SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP SP8 trial system using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as cloud provider, please follow this video tutorial: (Please note: The video demos the predecessor version AS ABAP SP7. Make sure to use the “AS ABAP incl. BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition]).

For our SAP colleagues, please use this link to get a trial system.

As described in the video, necessary prerequisite is an active AWS account. Follow the steps described in the video, how to prepare your account and how to get an instance of the ABAP trial edition. As shown in the video, go to the document Developer & Trial Editions: SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA to get your ABAP trial instance and choose the AS ABAP incl. BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition] (you may use this link if you’re already an SAP CAL expert). The instance creation and initial launch will take approximately 45 minutes during which you can get familiar with technical information about the systems.

After the initial launch you can access the system. However, to make full use of the system, you have to import an SAP NetWeaver license.
Just follow theses steps to import it:

  1. Logon to AS ABAP via SAP GUI with user SAP* in tenant 000.
  2. Start transaction SLICENSE
  3. Get a “Minisap” license at .
    As system ID choose A4H – SAP NetWeaver 7.4 AS ABAP (Linux / SAP HANA). As hardware key use the hardware key shown in transaction SLICENSE.
  4. Choose Install new License and select the downloaded license from step 3.
  5. After license installation call transaction SECSTORE and run a check for all entries using F8. This is needed to enable RFC after the change of the installation number from INITIAL to DEMOSYSTEM.
    Information: Installing the Minisap license will change the installation number from INITIAL to DEMOSYSTEM. The developer access key for user DEVELOPER and installation number DEMOSYSTEM

Installed the license? Perfect, so now you’re ready to use the instance as described in the openSAP course.

System costs ?

Just again a word of precaution, you’re not charged by SAP for the system but by your cloud service provider. This is about 1.30 $/h (active system uptime) and about 0.30 $/day (storage costs) [all costs without guarantee, check with AWS for detailed costs information]. So start & stop the system using the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) console or use the schedule functionality to adapt the system uptime to your needs.

Any questions or issues?

In case you encounter technical issues, you have a question, or you need any assistance, please use the openSAP Helpdesk or comment on this document.

Enjoy the course!

  Jasmin & Jens
  (ABAP for SAP HANA Evangelists)

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  • Hi Jasmin Gruschke Interesting the course, I am enrolled to this course, but haven’t time to start the course, now I have some time, and started reading all documents, but when start (or finish) the section: “System Costs” isn’t clear for me.

    have or not cost?

    if can please, clear the topic, I am a student and need know if have a cost, for take a decision, continue or not…



    • Hi Miguel,
      the course itself is free of charge and there will be no costs.

      However, we additionally provide trial systems (see the week 1 unit 5 for more information). The usage of these trial systems is optional (so in case you would like to work hands-on in an ABAP 7.4 SP8 system). As these trial systems are hosted by Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, there are cloud provider service fees (storage, computing, static IP address, etc.). Depending on the cloud provider of your choice, these fees/costs are charged by the cloud provider as discussed in the section above.

      More information/discussions about these cloud provider costs are given in the forum (

      My proposal: start the course and decide later on if you’d like to get yourself a trial system.


  • Hi Jasmin,

    i have passed your course and have now access to the AS ABAP incl. BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition]” (A4H) in the AWS cloud with minisap license installed to get some experience with SAP BW on HANA.

    Now i tried to write a HANA SQL script to transform data from one adso in another. But when i create a transformation in rsa1 between the adso’s und chose transformation type “hana expert script” i get some issue when i want to start developing the script.

    The SAP system asks me to put in an object access key (SSCR) for the class of the bw transformaiton starting with “TR*” in the technical name.

    How can i fix this issue?



    • Hi Patrick,
      sorry for the late reply. AFAIK I’m not a BW expert  – are you referring to the open SAP course by Ulrich Christ and Marc Hartz? From the given information I’d guess that you’re touching an SAP namespace, so you’d have to provide an access key for these objects. I’m not sure if that’s applicable, but can you change the technical name to something starting with Z*/Y* (customer namespace)? If not, please raise the question to the BW colleagues in (SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA) as they’ll certainly have more knowledge on that particular issue.

  • Hi Jasmin,

    Thanks for a great blog. I have a question though. Is there any way to access SAP HANA Developer Edition 1.0 SPS09 instance on windows based platform using AWS?

    This is much cheaper option and suffices most of the HANA Development requirements. Since it hosted on Linux, we can not get the RDP and use Web Based Development environment.

    I tried installing Eclipse Luna version on my local system and connected to Developer Edition instance. Unfortunately I can not create XS project using Luna even with “eclipse -clean” option. Having RDP for HANA developer edition would have helped.

    Let me know your thoughts.



  • Hi Guys,

    Really Happy to have access to SAP systems online, saves a lot of trouble looking for sandboxes ūüôā , I just installed the  “Getting Started with SAP NetWeaverApplication Server for ABAP and SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition]” on an AWS account, while I easily installed the A4H licence and am able to code in the SAP GUI, I am just not able to find the access key for Developing in Eclipse, I have deleted and installed the licence key as suggested in the supporting documentation, but it still asks for an Access Key, what am I missing ?

    Thanks for reading


      • H Jasmin,

        Thank you for looking into this

        I tried to create a new program in one of the zdemo packages, after validating the package it is still asking me for an access key,

        I have right clicked on the properties of HDB under systems in the SAP HANA Development and installed a licence key (HDB)

        One error that perhaps has something to do with this is that when I log in to the HDB server under systems it prompts “This page has invalid values”….I am not sure if this has anything to do with the access key.

        The username is BWDEVELOPER and the system is DEMOSYSTEM.

        Thanks again



  • I am interested in this course and would like to learn SAP ABAP for HANA but the trial system SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP & SAP BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition] is not available right now in SAP CAL. I can find developer edition for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP & SAP BW 7.5 in SAP CAL. Can I use this as trial system for this course ?.

  • I have gone through ABAP development for SAP HANA. When I am trying to give assignments, system is saying “Submission deadline has passed”. How to get Open SAP ABAP on HANA certified now ? Can anybody give me suggestions?



    • Once the Submission Deadline passes after that you can only obtain participation certificate by completing remaining of the course.

  • I missed the certifications. Can anybody send us the Weekly assignments and Final exams questions on ABAP development for HANA. Can any body please share the interview questions on ABAP development for HANA?

  • Hi,


    I logged into A4H system but in SLICENSE t code its showing NPL system. ¬†When im generating license as per your comment and adding new license it is raising error “This is system “NPL”, but there is a license key for system “A4H” in the license key file.”

    could you please help why t code SLICENSE showing system as NPL even though i logged in with A4H system.


    Thank you

  • Hi Jasmin, can I use¬†SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.50 SP02 on SAP ASE Database – NPL system

    ( instead of the CAL’s A4H system?

    My objective is not so much doing 100% exercises rather than getting a taste of  ABAP new features?

    Since this course was conducted back in 2014, is there any “update course” planned soon?

    Thanks for a reply.


  • Hi Jasmin,


    i am unable to find the link as per the video.

    It say the page not found.

    Please help me .