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Courtesy:  Inspired by  Gamification of the PO Approval Process – A 3D World Proof of Concept by Kevin Small.


   I thought of building games in SAP for a long time and could build Sudoku in 4X4 and in 9X9. I even searched for games which can be made in SAP for   time pass or for real use. I could find some programs in SAP WIKI.

              I came to know that SAP Gamification isn’t about games in SAP but either simulating or controlling business process in a fun way. After going through a blog from Kevin Small, I felt like building some useful either game kind of approach of some kind of different approach in the business process.


                  With my desire to build something which can make a at least one business process in fun way. I have started searching and thinking on a piece of idea. At last I have decided to ake PO approval process in SAP kind of different way rather pressing any push button or checking a check box.

When a program is execute , it list out all pending for approval PO in the left hand side pane. One can drag and drop a PO either in the Approval PO zone or in the
Rejected PO zone. We can drag and drop necessary PO which one wants to either approve or reject.



       After deciding on Approved Pos and ejected Pos we can click on Done push button, to approve the Pos in the approved Purchase Order Zone. And we can add any common logic for rejected Pos as well.

                           Though it is not a fun way or great way in sense of fun or game to approach. It is just my idea. Please post your comments so that I can improvise this concept or can up with a new different concept all together.

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      Hello Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju. I've read about your idea and have a few suggestions to get you started. Incorporating gamification into a business process is best begun with identifying some objective or goal that serves the business. Creating a fun interaction is, to be sure, an important part of the process, but what behavior do you want to encourage or change among those individuals approving or rejecting P.O.'s? Is it a matter of encouraging them to move faster? To promote friendly competition and interaction among your procurement specialists? To exchange best practices? These may all drive different approaches to designing the interactions and providing rewards to those users. Starting with the desired business outcomes is the key. Then, we can work on looking at the motivations of those employees or system users whose behaviors you are seeking to change (higher engagement, faster, higher quality results, etc.). I hope that this helps to get you thinking.

      Author's profile photo Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju
      Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Todd. I shall drive myself in the direction which you have pointed.