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How to install SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira (Part 2) – Ramp-Up!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira is currently in Ramp-Up and is not generally available (yet). For more information you can follow any updates from Product Manager Adrian Westmoreland to get the latest news!

In part 2 of this blog I will continue with setting up a user in SAP HANA,  configure the Lumira add-on services, and finally publish datasets and stories to the BI platform.

In part 1 of this blog I’m described how to integrate the Lumira add-on into your BI platform deployment, install the Lumira add-on to your BI platform deployment and configure SAP HANA to allow communication with the BI platform.

How to install SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira (Part 1)

Let’s continue with creating a user for the Lumira add-on. This user will access SAP HANA and generate the assertion ticket. Make sure your SAP HANA username is no longer than 12 characters. SAP HANA user names longer than 12 characters is not supported with SAP assertion ticket enabled.

Open the SAP HANA Studio and create a new user and assign the following roles:



Next step is to confugure the HTTP destination file for the SAP Lumira add-on.

Log onto the XS Administration Tool using the Lumira add-on user created via http://<servername>:8000/sap/hana/xs/admin


You are prompted to change the initial password set of the created user.


Go to ‘sap’ – ‘bi’ – ‘services’ – ‘datasetloadfresh’ – logic’ – ‘lib’ and click on ‘wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest’.


Click on ‘Extend’.

Select the location where you want to extend the file. SAP recommends you put the file under ‘sap’ – ‘bi’ – ‘content’. Keep the same file name, ‘wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest’.


Click on ‘Create’.

Edit the ‘wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest’ file under ‘sap’ – ‘bi’ – ‘services’ – ‘datasetloadfresh’ – ‘logic’ – ‘lib’:

  • Host = the host name of the Lumira add-on
  • Port = the port number for WACS on the BI platform, 6405 by default
  • SAP SID = the SAP HANA system ID
  • SAP Client = SAP client number. Set this number to 000.


Next step is to configure the BI services. The SAP Lumira In-Memory Add-on installs a BI platform service that communicates with SAP HANA. When you publish a dataset, this service pushes the data into the SAP HANA database tables. When you view a story, this service requests the visualization information from the SAP Lumira server. This service also enforces BI platform rights to access the data.

Launch the CMC and go to ‘Servers’ – ‘Lumira Services’.


Right-click to open the ‘Properties’. Scroll down and enter the following:

  • HANA Hostname: The fully qualified name of the machine that hosts the SAP HANA database.
  • HANA Instance Number
  • HANA Database User: Username and password for the technical user created in the SAP HANA database.
  • HANA Database Password
  • OS User: Username and password to log on to the machine where the SAP HANA database is hosted. Has the format <SID>adm.
  • OS Password

Click on ‘Save and Close’.


Restart the server.


The result should display a status of ‘Running’.

Next step is to configure the default REST access URL. When you publish datasets from SAP Lumira to the BI platform you need to enter the REST access URL, which is the BI platform’s URL for web service requests. The publishing wizard in SAP Lumira provides a default value for you. You can configure this value in the SAP Lumira Preferences area.

Start SAP Lumira and click on ‘File’ – ‘Preferences’.


Click on ‘Network’ and enter the URL of the SAP BI Server. Click ‘Done’ to confirm.

Congratulations! You have now finalized all necessary steps to use the SAP Lumira add-on for BI 4. Let’s try and publish a story to the BI platform.

Stories contain visualizations that are built on datasets. When you publish a story from SAP Lumira desktop to the BI platform, the associated data set(s) are automatically published. If you publish multiple stories based on the same data set, the dataset will be published multiple times.


I have previously created 2 visualizations based on a HANA dataset via a universe.


I have selected the ‘Share’ tab and selected ‘Publish to SAP BI’. Fill in your BOE username and password and click ‘Connect’.

Select a location to store the dataset and visualizations.


Click ‘Next’.


Click ‘Publish’.


As you can see both the dataset and the story are published to the SAP BI server.

Now let’s logon to the BI Launchpad and browse to the folder where you published the content.


Double-click on the ‘SCN Blog Story’ to view the story. This will open a new tab in the BI Launchpad!


For more information on the functionalities of this first version of the SAP Lumira add-on for SAP BI 4 I would like to refer to this great blog Lumira integration for BI4 functionality detailed. from Greg Wcislo.

This concludes the second part of the blog about how to install and configure the SAP Lumira add-on for SAP BI 4. I thinking about ‘part 3’ that shows how SAP Lumira content is now also available via the SAP Mobile BI app, but probably I will shift to the ramp-up for running Crystal Reports for Enterprise on HANA ;-).

UPDATE: here’s a screenshot how the Story looks like on the iPad. Just add the story to the ‘Mobile’ category and it shows up in the Mobile BI app.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for reading!

With kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken

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  • Hi M. van Foeken !!

    Thanks for all your explanation, It was really helpful. I have one question. What if I have a HANA Scale-Out? How can I introduce the hosts names of my HANA Scale-Out in the Lumira Service Configuration in the CMC? I just see one space for the HANA Host name but if my SAP HANA is Scale-out, which host name is going to be define in this space?

    Thanks for your answer.

    • Hi Carlos,

      Great to hear that the blog was helpful to get you started! I have to say, great question which I unfortunately don't know the answer to. Perhaps Sharon Om can help us out here. Not sure whether the SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira is already ready to address such a scenario. I assume you want to ensure that when the node that hosts the XS components is not available the system remains to function with no disruption to the end-user, right?

      With kind regards,


      • HI Martijn!!

        Thanks for your answer!! seems I'm facing off a rare problem, I will ask Sharon Om about these issue.

        And yes,  If my first node is not working but my hana scale out is supporting hana function from other server, what's going on with the lumira add-on configured.

        Thanks for your time.

        Best regards.

  • Hello M. van Foeken!!!

    Thank you for sharing this.  The info has been very useful.

    I just want to ask you how we can set the  properties of the LumiraServer taking into account that we have a HANA scale out.

    The form only accept information for one host and we need to set the information for 5 nodes.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Martijin,

    When i try to publish to SAPBI, i am able to connect to my BI platform using administrator credentials like you mentioned above. But, after connecting i am not able to see my folders like you showed in a screenshot above. Can you please let me know what i am missing?Error.JPG

  • Hi Martijn,

    Thank you for your valuable information. I have closed followed the installation steps for both Lumira Add On and configurations on HANA XS. However I don't seem to be getting up a Story published to neither my Lumira Server nor to BI Launch Pad.

    Are there any further pre-requisites in terms of Publishing Stories to respective environments or any explicit configurations to be made.



      • /
          • /
          • Hi Bhanu,

            Have you configured the wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest file correctly? You should check that part of the configuration!

            With kind regards,


          • Hi Martijin,

            wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest file is configured as mentioned in the document. I have extended the existing file and added under 'sap-bi-content'. To check if the Lumira Server is working fine, I tried to import a csv dataset from 'launchpad' of Lumira server, it gives me the below error. I used the following url





          • Hi Bhanu,

            Can you share a screenshot of your wacshttpconfig.xshttpdest file? I think there is something incorrect.

            With kind regards,


          • Hi Bhanu,

            Can you share a screenshot of the actual values and parameters set? So the right part of the screen instead of the folder structure?

            With kind regards,


          • Hi Martijin,

            Please try to click on the image. I have shared complete images showing snapshot. Due to the paging format it seems that image is cut down.



          • Hi Bhanu,

            I can view the image. Nothing unusual here. Sure you used the right FDQN for the server that is hosting the BI platform?

            With kind regards,


          • Hi Martijn,

            I have successfully published the Story to BI Launchpad. Issue was at network end.

            HANA XS engine was not able to connect to BO Restful services. After getting the port 6405 open from HANA server to BO server, issue got resolved. However in between I got an error which was very trivial. The Lumira Tech user had special characters(#) in password which was giving issue. After changing the password to alphanumeric issue got resolved.

            Thanks and Regards,


          • Hi Bhanu,

            Could you please elaborate more on how you opened port 6405 from HANA server to BO server? It seems that I have the same issue.

            Thanks in advance!

            Rgs. Arseny

          • Hi Arseny,

            Are you getting the same error : http.client refused connection.

            Please try to telnet port 6405 of BO server from HANA server. What is the result?

            You will have to contact your Network/Firewall team to allow communication between BO and HANA server at 6405.



          • Hi Bhanu,

            Thanks for your reply. Nope, I'm getting the error "Communication could not be established with dependent Lumira processes. (VIS 00002)" in Lumira Server in CMC in BusinessObjects. When I try to telnet the BO server on port 6405, I get:


            Connected to sapboe

            Escape character is '^]'."

            So it looks like there is a connection to our BO server on 6405.

            I should mention, that I just updated the Lumira server to 1.19. Are you using 1.19 or an earlier version?

          • Hi Arseny,

            Were you able to publish/access stories to/from BI Launchpad before updating to Lumira 1.19.

            Can you mention while perform which action you are getting the above error.



          • Hi Bhanu,

            Firstly, I updated Lumira Server from 1.18 to 1.19 and then tried to connect our BI Platform to the HANA Server, so I am not sure whether publishing via BI Launch Pad would be possible with Lumira 1.18.

            I am getting the error when I try to configure the Lumira Server in CMC in BI Platform. Please open the attached image.Capture.PNG

          • Hi Arseny,

            Check whether the BO server hostname & IP addresses are maintained in HANA server and also vice versa.

            In HANA: go to root folder --> etc --> hosts (file name ).

            On BO(if windows) --> go to C drive Windows--> System32--> Drivers --> ETC--> Host file..

            I got the same issue and got it solved after maintaining the hosts.

            Thanks & Best Regards,


          • Hi Shailendar,

            Thanks! I have added the hostnames of BO and HANA on their respective servers, however, I get the same error "Communication could not be established with dependent Lumira processes. (VIS 00002)". The seems to be a connection to the BO server on 6405 as tested via telnet.

            Are you using Lumira 1.19 server or an earlier version?

  • Please beware that Lumira Server 1.19 might not work with the current BI Platform Add On. I received the following error when connecting to Lumira Server.

    |53B4025974D3408A92557E18EFA56B27b|2014 09 17 12:23:39.381|+0200|Error| |==|E| |visi_SAPBOE.LumiraServer|13720|  53|Thread-9        | ||||||||||||||||||||||[LumiraProxyService]: The current version of SAP Lumira Server is not supported. The SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira and SAP Lumira Server version do not match. SAP Lumira Server 18 is required.





    • Correct.
      For Lumira Server 1.19/Lumira Desktop 1.19, please use Lumira add-on version 1.2. This was release on Sep 18th, slightly later than Lumira Desktop and Lumira Server releases.

      Thank you.


  • Hi guys, i've deployed the Lumira Addon on a test BOE machine, but i'm not able to get the Lumira-Service to run.

    Also getting the following error message on the BOE in the LumiraServer APS.LumScreeni.PNG

    "Communication could not be established with dependent Lumira processes. (VIS 00002)".

    Answered Questions of the thread:

    Are you able to access XS Admin link via the Lumira User.


    Have you configured wacshttpd.dest and set up SAP assertion ticket ?

    This is all configured on HANA side, and i'm able to login via LUMADDON.

    I also included the HANA Server URL into the windows host file, and i'm able to ping the server from the windows server.

    BOE Information:

    SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.3 for BI Platform 4.1 (

    SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1 SP4 Patch 3 update (

    SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1 SP4 ( - de, en

    SAP BusinessObjects BI add-on for SAP Lumira  ( - en

    Does anybody having a hint to get the service running in correct state?!

    THX and BR


  • Hi guys, I've deployed Lumira BI Addon 1.2  (BI vers 4.1 sp4 patch 3, HANA rev82 with Lumira Server 1.19) and succesfully configured both (BI & HANA side).

    After all I can publish stories to BI (no problem here, story appears at BI Launchpad, dataset exists, and I can find and discover this analytical view in HANA content).

    But!!! When try to open this story from BI Launchpad i receieve next error:


    Cant find any info on this error.

    Help please.

    Kind regards

    Andrey Tischenko

    • Hi Andrey Tischenko,

      I think you are trying in Internet Explorer browser, please try in Chrome browser.. It should work. I think this is a limitation.

      Thanks & Best Regards,


          • Hi Shailendar,

            Its happening for in bot IE and chrome and we are on 1.20 both desktop and server

            4.1 sp4 patch 4

            add on is

            1.20 lumira server

            published with lumira desktop 1.20

            Any workarounds would be appreciated.



          • May be a long shot, but try either clearing out your browser cache, or running your browser incognito mode/private mode.

            There seems to be some caching issue, and what you're describing looks like something that has been seen to go away with the cache clearing.   I don't think I've seen the exact same error, but give the private browser/cache clearing a try.

          • Hi Greg,

            Thanks for the reply,

            worked with James Anderson on the same,

            clearing cache worked for time being and its happening again at a later point,

            we cant propose the same to the user base,

            so James is checking on whats causing the issue.