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Assign Sold-To Party via Reporter – Contact Person Relationship (VAR)

Hi All,

In my forum topic Sold-To Party determination by the Reporter I’ve asked for “Assign Sold-To Party via Reporter – Contact Person Relationship (VAR)”. After 5 days I found a solution from SAP guy and wanted to share this solution.

1.) Create Access Sequence



Create a new access sequence and define the parameter as mentioned below


2.) Assign Access Sequence


Select your determination procedure which is assigned to your used transaction type

Mark Function ‘Sold-To Party (CRM) in node ‘Partner Functions in Procedure’


Define your newly created access sequence


Have a good day!


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  • Hi Tutku.

    Thanks for your useful blog.

    I performed steps mentioned above (in non VAR ITSM) but as a result in the Sold-to-Party field I see only bp of Contact Person (instead bp of Sold-to-Party).



  • Hi Tutku,

    I followed your guide to determinate a Sold-to Party on the Incident based on the Reporter.

    It is working fine when the field for the Sold-to Party is not on the document.

    Unfortunately there is a pop-up window to choose between the correct Sold-to Party (Company) and the Reporter when the field is on the document. If the Sold-to Party field is only for display it is populated with the name of the Contact Person 🙁

    Do you have a suggestion what should be corrected?