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Interesting Information About Interactive Reporting In SM 7.1 SP10

Often I had seen  most of them, talking about Interactive reporting, one of the interesting feature in solution manager 7.1. Today I got some time to explore in detail. Got answers for some queries like what is this all about and how this is different from other reporting approach. Through this blog I would like to share my learning with you all and looking forward to get your experiences.

What is interactive reporting in solution manager context?

As you know all that Solution manager has various reporting options, one of the prominent and recently promoted would be interactive reporting, which is very catchy,  The common use case for interactive reporting is to perform ad hoc analyses in real time. But these reports are useful for scenarios that have limited data volume, where the most importance given for quick result than the amount of information analyzed.  Since solution manager has its own BI content, Interactive reporting would be much suitable.

How IR differ from other reporting?

Technically, I was not seen any difference, both using BI cubes and queries, templates. But the scenarios are different.  More over any reports delivered always use the queries generated in BW and data is retrieved from the BW to CRM for reporting cause. The difference here, we were identified under the scenarios where it has been used.

When we setup the dedicated or current client in Solution manager system as BI client, then the best reporting suggestion would be interactive. Because no much processing required, most of the time would be very basic reports.

Whereas if you have dedicated BI system, we can consider BI reporting would be more efficient due to huge data volume. This is more complex with heavier level of processing. Hence BI reporting would be the better option.

Other huge difference I found that you can create, edit, and display interactive reports in ITSM web CRM_UI.  This helps to reports retrieve data in real-time on demand.  We have self-guided wizard to assist us during the creation of this reports.  You can then release these reports for certain users.

For more information, see ITSM analytics. But this is not with BI reporting, most of the BI reporting are pre existed. Whereas BI reporting has more navigation and conditions for drilling down to base level.

Good thing is that, solution manager has the use case for both the scenarios. For detail level of analysis like RCA we could use BI reporting whereas for technical monitoring scenarios we could use Interactive reporting

Below are the Technical Monitoring Interactive reporting which shows basic details with the restricted navigation, this is helpful for everyone including end users.


Here the RCA BI Reporting, which has detail analysis much helpful for the administrators


Below the guided procedure for Interactive reporting creation in ITSM


Is it new to solution manager?

No, from our cross check, we identified the IT performance reporting which been used since SM 7.0 Ehp1 is the same concept. Now IT Performance reporting is also enhanced as new interactive reporting templates. Yes, IT performance reporting in SM 7.1 is same as Technical monitoring -> Interactive reporting, Both are using the same web templates.

In solution manager 7.0 IT performance reporting the web template 0SMD_RS_NAVIGATION has only reports


The same web template enhanced in SM 7.1 SP10 with more than 50+ reports as below, it is now called as “Interactive reporting”


Unique feature in IR reporting

If I compare IR reporting with BW reporting, might BW reporting ends with high rating, But If I look for unique feature of IR reporting, it is efficient, accurate. mostly it is targeted to all kind of users.  You can display reports in table and charts. The following chart types are available: Column chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Bar chart and Stacked column chart


You can use these reports to analyze data in many different ways, including a breakdown of individual documents. The report data is retrieved in real-time. You can export report data to Microsoft Excel and print reports.

Technical settings

This is again vary scenario to scenario,  we need to activate the corresponding bi content. For Interactive reporting in Technical monitoring you can do it via Technical monitoring Guided procedure setup.


For interactive reporting in ITSM, you need to manually add some of the configuration services, refer 

And also SAP ITSM Analytics on SAP Solution Manager 7.1 – SAP IT Service Management on SAP Solution Manager – SCN Wiki

Other technical demos for IR reporting

There are lots of demos available in solution manager rkt website, few are listed below, you all can also try and update your use cases below as comments.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Jansi,

      very interesting and useful blog!

      I think that Interactive Reporting in context of Technical Monitoring within Solution Manger 7.1. should be revised. There are still Web Queries and Templates that can be changed with BEX Tools (BEX Query Designer 3.5 and BEX WAD 7.0). In time of Design Studio it is not up to date.

      Also customizing fuctions (integration of several queries into one report) should be improved. 

      Author's profile photo Divyanshu Srivastava
      Divyanshu Srivastava

      Nice 🙂