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Technology of the future – A Reality or fiction

Hi all,

Today we are going to have a look into the life of Sai Ram a 19 year old college student with a passion in music, living in year 2042. Sai Ram has witnessed the changes technology has brought about and is striving to be up-to-date will all the essentials. He has a knack of knowing the difference between “Luxury” technological advancements and “Necessary” technologies and has the maturity to choose and live with the necessities as opposed to his peers in college who disregard the necessities and are behind the luxuries like their life is dependent on it.

Sai Ram was at the West Mall’s emm station waiting for an Emm (Environmental Mall and Metro Connect), the fastest and most environmental friendly train in the village. Emm runs on Solar electricity and generates power as it plies through the city and this power is enough to light the power stations and the places near the stations within 5KM Radius, this usually includes malls, hospitals, schools, colleges and offices.  While waiting for the Emm, Sai Ram decided to make good use of time by checking out the latest vlogs (Video Blogs) on his ‘Nglio’. Nglio is a transparent cloth of 3” X 4” dimensions, made of rough-use non-woven fabric; this can be stuck on the dress that one is wearing and can be removed and stuck back. Nglio is connected to the cloud and has the ability to read news or present a summary of the article read, displays the important snapshots in the videos being watched as summary for quick understanding. Sai Ram had loaded Nglio with all his MOOC’s for the subjects in the class and as part of exam preparation had seen the summarized parts of the videos; he has aced the exams with this technique.

Sai Ram was surfing the web about music, his passion. The latest vlog edition was on how to think in music chords and have it realized and recorded on gkstudio, a combination of guitar, keyboard, drums acoustics with a size of a shoe box for easy transport. Gkstudio can be connected with Nglio as peers offline and music can be recorded. The Emm arrived and Sai Ram boarded the emm to the next station, the music mall and on the way kept watching the summarized videos about ‘Senora’. It is a chip when embedded in the human body can measure a thought and decipher the most repeated thoughts and make it happen as far as humanly possible, like too lazy to hit the gym, the chip beeps for a workout. The senora 6.8 was famous for changing the political game in the village a year ago when a new political party had come to rule and just 3 months in the rule, there was huge public unhappiness and turmoil, due to which the party lost the power. The chips connected to the cloud was measuring the thoughts of the unhappy citizens and when it reached a certain threshold, the party lost power. The latest was Senora 11.4 with built in music capabilities, It connects to the Nglio and GKstudio as peer and can work offline. It had the ability to read the musical chords in the thoughts. Sai Ram has had an elusive tune running in his head for a while now which he has not been able to put it on the gkstudio. Sai Ram decided to take help of Senora 11.4, he got down at the West mass and commanded the skate board he was using to navigate him to the music block of the mall.

On the way Sai Ram thought about one and only chip embedded into him which tracked his health, where abouts and gave SOS messages to first aid nearby in case of emergencies. That chip is the reason he is alive today after a serious accident as people nearby were able to locate him and give him right medical help as they found out where exactly in his body, the medical attention was needed. Senora 11.4 was going to be his second chip, unlike his classmates and friends who had dozens of these chips embedded into them. Sai Ram reached the music block and walked towards the chip based on the signals written on the LED embedded floor pointing him to the right direction. These LED embedded floors were present in each mall and it gave directions to the user based on their thought. The patron attended to Sai Ram and he recognized Sai Ram as a serious shopper. The patron showed how to insert the Senora chip of dimensions 1nm X 2 nm painlessly in the right hand near the synactic nerve which carries messages from the brain. Sai Ram thanked the parton and paid for it on bitcoin, by thinking and confirming the payment of the order.

Sai Ram found a place to sit nearby and tried to reach elusive music chords in his head. When the thought came the chip detected the musical chords and played it on the gkstudio, while recording it on Nglio. Sai Ram made some alterations in the lyrics and had the music perfected. He posted this latest song online and had a million views within a minute and lot of shares and likes. Sai Ram was proud and awed of how the technology had helped him achieve his dreams and grateful to the innovative people behind this technology.

This blog is my entry for the millenial contest on how the technology will look like and shape our lives in 25 years from now and how we feel about it. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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