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How load List of values from Excel file (including Label) ?

Following Data Modeling Made Simple CHAPTER 21: How do we get information in PowerDesigner?  Page 461

There are two ways of importing List of values:

1. Pasting values and labels from the Windows clipboard ;

2. Importing values (but not labels) via the Excel Import wizard – all the values have to be in a single cell.

In fact you can import labels also.

Example : Domain ‘Color’ with this List of values :

Parent     Name          List of values

Color     Color Code     01     Red

                                  02     Black

In the Excel file under the column “List of values” insert this string of characters into the cell.


CHAR(10) => (<Alt+Enter>) => New line => ‘\n’

CHAR(9) => Horizontal tab => ‘\t’

Good Upload!

Note: If you use Excel in English modify CAR for CHAR :


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