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How to Pin the Latest Instance of a Web Intelligence Document


WHAT: Pin the latest instance of a Web Intelligence document.

WHY: Users may have a Web Intelligence document that they navigate to on a recurring basis as they consume the latest scheduled output. Pinning the latest instance of the document saves the user from having to navigate as the instance will appear upon logon.


1. Right click on the Web Intelligence document and click on “Document Link”.


2. Copy the hyperlink.


3. Create a “Hyperlink” object by clicking New > Hyperlink. Note: You will need write access to a folder (e.g. My Documents).


4. Populate properties Title and URL and click “OK”.

    Important! URL = Paste document link AND append &sInstance=Last



5. Double click the object (or right click and select “View”).


6. Click the pin icon to pin the tab.


That’s it! You have successfully pinned the latest instance of a Web Intelligence document.

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