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There are a few of our customers who wanted to directly launch the application using a direct link, without getting to the FIORI Launchpad.

Possible reasons

– Integrate with Portal

– Bookmark the App directly

– Does not want to use Launchpad features

As of now, you can launch an application via a direct URL like http://your_server:8000/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?sap-client=001&sap-language=EN#SalesQuotation-displayMyQuotations

but the Launchpad will redirect to the authentication page and even after authentication, it does not redirect to the desired application, this will be fixed shortly in the product, but however meanwhile you can use this technique to launch app directly


– Developer Key

– You will create an index,html file under the standard BSP /ui2/ushell, so you will need an access key to create this file

You are only adding a file as a re-director and there will not be any problems by adding this file as we are not modifying any existing files.


– Create an External Alias

– Create and Index.html (or any html) as a rediector

steps to create an external alias and creation of index.html is explained in the blog written by Masayuki Sekihara

Refer to How to set a theme parameter to SAP Fiori launchpad Created by Masayuki Sekihara

In the above blog, skip until the section Example 6: Hard coded in index.html and start launchpad with /fiori.

Follow the instruction in Example 6 in the above blog,

In the index.html file include the Hash tag of the application and the action which is highlighted in red below eg: (you can even include theme information if relevant)



    <script language=“JavaScript”>
    function loc(){window.location = “shells/abap/Fiorilaunchpad.html?sap-client=001&sap-language=EN#SalesQuotation-displayMyQuotations;}
<body onLoad=“loc()”></body>

Now instead of launching the Fiori Launchpad, you can directly call your index.html


eg: http://myserver:8000/leaverequest/index.html

If you need such direct links for multiple applications, you can create as many html files that you want similar to index.html

The external alias will redirect to the required application, you are still loading the application over the ushell, so all resources that are shared will be intact

Best Regards


Customer Experience Group

SAP Labs India

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      1. Former Member

        Hello Babu

        Our requirement is to link directly to the Fiori inbox work item for the Approve  All application

        Here is an example URL of a direct link to the Work item


        After authentication is requested to the gateway box we are redirected to the Launchpad.

        Is it possible to accomplish this?



  1. Former Member

    Hi Babu,

    Can you please explain where i can find the string “#SalesQuotation-displayMyQuotations” which you used in this example. How to get this string for other fiori Apps.

    Best Regards,


  2. Jörg Knaus

    great, is it not possible in sap standard withouth developer key, to create an alias to the launchpad, or even use launchpad as the default page for the application server?

  3. Sumanth Thunga

    Hi Aviad / Babu,

    We are still having issue of redirecting the Home page of Launchpad after Authentication instead of Launching App with standalone URL.

    Is this issue fixed with any SAP Note? I am using the latest Parameters as mentioned in Help after new enhancement is released with SP10. We are on SP13

    Opening a Support message in SAP Support.



      1. Michael Appleby

        Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

        NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

        Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

        SAP Technology RIG

  4. Former Member

    I spent some time trying to figure this out. Finally got it.

    We have a separate Gateway Server for each environment. We are using NetScaler and ADFS

    1. Went to TCode: SAML2
    2. Went to “Trusted Providers”. Our ADFS system was listed.
    3. In the “End Points” tab at the bottom, switched from “HTTP Redirect” to “HTTP Post”.

    Now I’m able to launch a app directly without the Lauchpad showing.


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