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The #SAPQUIZ and how it has morphed into something gargantuan

Take The SAPQuiz

/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/a9a778c4_fd57_11e3_a026_12313b0a34a4_medium_495988.jpegSome years ago Winshuttle started a SAP quiz built around a rather neat little quiz like a popular famous places around the world quiz that was designed to promote one of the travel sites.

The quiz was started for a couple of reasons, one of them being to test our own intellect and subject matter expertise internally. I don’t think anyone really took the whole thing terribly seriously back then.

While the rest of us were labouring away coping with Support Packs, Upgrades, Enhancement Packs and helping “make customers into Heroes” a couple of individuals in the Winshuttle back office continued to work on the quiz content and the front-end face of how it would look and feel.

With the passage of time of course the portfolio of products owned and marketed by SAP has exploded, well ok, not entirely exploded but let’s rather say expanded.

As a consequence the number of subject matter buckets has had to expand in the quiz too. After-all, what would an SAPQuiz be without HANA right?

Well fast forward to yesterday when we announced internally that we were going to launch the latest incarnation of the SAPQuiz for all to play with.


Very quickly we saw a groundswell of interest internally.

After-all, everyone wants to know what it is really all about, and more importantly whether they can beat ‘the machine’.

I am too scared to take it! I took a look at some of the finance questions and they pierced my veil of supposed knowledge. I don’t even want to consider any of the other areas!

Some of the questions are straight forward perhaps  but may tap the deep recesses of your brain if the knowledge is not part of your DNA.

Those enigmatic posting keys

A simple questions like, what is the Posting Key for a Debit Entry? Is it 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70? Everyone knows that in English it is D as opposed to C and in German S as opposed to H right? But those numbers….? Come on! What kind of a geek memorizes that stuff??

If you’re using the newer enjoy transactions in SAP then you’re probably unaware that SAP stores debits and credits as posting keys in the table BSEG.

The use of posting keys as opposed to simply debits and credits or positive and negative integers is used in some SAP programs to determine the layout of the data entry screens.

The posting key determines not only the data that you need to enter at the line item but also how that data will be processed and updated in the system.

Posting keys are SAP client specific and therefore apply to all company codes in a given client.  There are posting keys  for customer, vendor and GL accounts, assets and material accounts.

SAP delivers predefined posting keys with the standard system but you can customize your own client specific posting keys in transaction OB41.

The challenge

So here’s the challenge, are you willing to take the sapquiz ? Go over to the SAPQuiz URL and see how you do.

There’s a Hall of Fame too where you could see your name chronicled for all to see.

I know the fiends behind its creation are keen to get some feedback and you may even learn something yourself!

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