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SCN Business process Gamification an animated model

SCN Business process Gamification an animated model

SCN – what next

Working with projects for the past 8 years, I have been seeing SCN from 2007 till now.

I took a break using SCN for 3 years due to schedule project with more weightage on management activities. It was fun seeing the changes took place in last 8 years in terms of Knowledge DB, interfaces, features, validation etc.

Most of the documents and quires one have are already available and its matter of searching in SCN. So one will search and get 75% of the answer and rest of 25 % is asked as a question.

The above are for generic cases and specific one need to ask the question from scratch.

What next?

SCN is strong in knowledge database, reachability, accessibility, Scalability etc.

How SCN can innovate more with the existing stuff?


MM process will be the same form procures to pay from 1900 till 2014 and so do SD, PP, PM Etc.

Current status: Functional and Technical knowledge are grouped in their own space and less interacts with other modules. Business processes of multiple modules are not known and Technical knowledge to functional people is not known in majority.

I agree there is no need to know the SAP configuration but it is good if one know all business process.

Why ? Do people don’t like to know what another modules do ?

Answers: People like to know but they lack interest, not understanding the terms used, time consuming etc.

Challenge: It is not very interesting to understand the Business process of SD for a PP consultant. Or it’s not at all interesting for a functional consultant to understand the business process of a Mobile application (Fiori).

Why?  Because one need to go through so many documents. Even if a business process chart, it’s difficult to understand.

Now think, we show them the business process in as a movie. It’s easy to understand, less time consuming and inserting.

Great!! Now think practically – We can show it as an animated movie. It’s fun filled entertainment.

Agree?  If not think again! I could be wrong

Outcome:  SAP consultants are specialized in one more two modules but understand all SAP products and business process. Does that sounds great?

MM guys can understand SD, SD will understand PP etc. and it’s become simple.

Guess who will be benefitted the most? I guess its ABAP will get to know the Functional flow; Functional people will get to know the Mobile application etc.

  1. Now who will get the work?

SCN people need to make animated movie for all SAP business process. Congratulations Project managers /Developers you got some interesting fun filled work 🙂 . At least a thought !!

Testing part will be the most fun filled/ I have worked in one such project.



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      Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju

      Good thought....!!

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      manu m
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      SAP SD S G S

      Good share..

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      Balajee Putta

      its a good share

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
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      Thank you Balajee