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Author's profile photo Greg Wcislo

Lumira integration for BI4 functionality detailed.

The first release of the integration of Lumira for BI4.1 has been released!

Here I cover the functionality available with the first release.  The functionality is delivered with an add-on Installer for BI4.1.  Minimum requirement is 4.1 SP3 and Lumira 1.17.   This also means you need HANA to run Lumira 1.17.

BI 4.1 SP4 is recommend if you want full LCM support.

The most basic workflow:

First, you will see that with Lumira 1.17, there is a new option to publish to BI


When you have created your data set and visualization, you will be able to publish those to the BI repository, just like you do with a Crystal Report or Web Intelligence report.


Once you have published your story and dataset, you can see the story listed directly in BI launchpad, inheriting the same folder security as your other reports.


From here, you can view this report just like you do with any other report type.  The “story” that you are viewing is just a visualization based on a data set.  This also includes support for viewing InfoGraphics, right in BI Launchpad.


This is also supported in OpenDocument, as you would expect with the other document types!


Universe Support.

Both UNV and UNX data sources are supported by Lumira.  This means you can leverage your existing universe infrastructure, AND underlying security.

Once you’ve acquired data from a universe, what you publish to BI is the dataset, based on that universe.   That dataset then be scheduled, and refreshed by the user.   Below you can see the schedule option on a dataset, which gives you the standard scheduling options that you would see for a CR or Webi report.


Of course static datasets, which are based off uploaded data will not have the schedule options.

Note that the “force refresh on open” is not yet available.  However a user can refresh the data on demand if they have rights to do so.

When scheduling or refreshing, the same prompts with which the data was first acquired will be reused.  At this time, changing prompts or popping those up for the user when the manually refresh is not yet supported.


Datasets are the building blocks of stories.  A story can be build from one or more datasets.  In BI, these datasets are stored in the CMC, in a new location:


These datasets can be secured, deleted, much like you can do with explorer infospaces.

More on Datasets:

In Lumira, you ‘prepare’ a dataset, including merging data from a source like universe with data from a local spreadsheet. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.00.50 PM.png

You can also preform other operations on the data before publishing it.   When you schedule a dataset to run to fetch latest data, all the transforms that were applied will be replayed automatically.  This means any column joins/splits, custom calculations or combining of the data with a local excel source will be reapplied.

ESRI map support

Support for ESRI ArcGIS is also available with this initial release, which gives you great interactive maps support.  Support for on premise ESRI server is not yet available with this first relesae.


Mobile Support

The SAP BI Mobile application will now make the stories available through the Mobi application, where you can consume stories directly alongside your existing webi and other BI mobile content.

LCM Support

Full LCM support including the dependency calculations is included.  This means that promoting a story, will allow you to include the dependent dataset, universe, connection object and all related security.   Do note that to have full LCM UI for the Lumira integration, you must be on BI 4.1 SP4.  On 4.1 SP3, you can still use the LCM command line interface.

New BI Proxy Server

A new category of servers shows up, called “Lumira Servies”.   This service is responsible for the proxying the requests down to Lumira Server, which performs all the heavy lifting of the analytic.


Auditing, Monitoring, BI Enterprise Readiness

Standard monitoring metrics will show up for this new service.  Additionally, the standard ‘who viewed what’ that you expect to see in your audit log also becomes available.

Data Storage & setting Limits

When a dataset is published to BI4, the underlying data is actually stored in Lumira Server.  This is all done transparently behind the scenes and does not require any administration in Lumira Server.  In fact, it does not actually show up in your Lumira Server repository.

When a user refreshes a story based on a universe, they will get their own copy of the data stored temporarily.   An administrator can set size and time restrictions for this temporary storage.



Stories must be authored and edited in Lumira Desktop.  Authoring directly from BI Launchpad, as you would do with the Webi Applet is not yet supported.

Accessing HANA Live is not yet supported.  At this time, a static dataset from HANA must be published from desktop.


This is only the first integration release of Lumira which already packs in a lot of functionality and allows you to leverage your existing BI4 infrastructure.  The Lumira BI4 integration will continue to add more enhancements and functionality with more releases over the coming months.

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      Author's profile photo Dallas Marks
      Dallas Marks

      Hi, Greg. Where can we find the download for BI4/Lumira integration on the SAP Support Portal?

      SAP Lumira BI Platform Integration No Way.jpg

      Author's profile photo Greg Wcislo
      Greg Wcislo
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dallas.

      Here is what I see:

      It asks me for a request page.  If you have rights to download Lumira Server, or if you're license for the BI Suite license, this should be available to you.

      The availability is basically controlled by your existing license as far as I know, but it is always possible that some mapping is not correct.    I have seen a few emails moving around of some people not being able to access and the SKU mappings were being resolved, so if you do have a BI Suite license and this is not available, we may have to investigate further to make sure this shows up correctly.

      Author's profile photo Patrick Perrier
      Patrick Perrier
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Patrick,

      No, that's the description of the ramp-up program. The entry displayed in the reply from Greg is the correct one on SMP.

      With kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Dallas Marks
      Dallas Marks


      Has the Lumira integration kit gone GA or still in ramp-up only?



      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Hi Dallas,

      I'd recommend checking out this FAQ here LIMA – the SAP BusinessObjects BI, add-on for SAP Lumira, frequently asked questions….. the product manager Adrian Westmoreland explains there.

      basically, its capabilities are (firstly) being re-architected and simplified, and (secondly) embedded natively into the core BI platform, we hope! 

      that's the end goal, timelines are a little fuzzy right now.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Dallas,

      It's indeed a matter of having the correct license for the software to be accesible on SMP. I've been working with Sharon Om and my local Partner Manager in The Netherlands to sort out which license we were missing. I hope we get access to the software today as I just received an email confirming that we completed the procedure.

      With kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Dallas Marks
      Dallas Marks

      Hi, everyone.

      I opened support incidents for two customers and was informed on both of them that the SAP Lumira/BI 4.1 integration kit is still in customer ramp-up. So apparently our enthusiasm is premature.


      Dallas Marks

      Author's profile photo Sharon Om
      Sharon Om

      Good job Greg! I am sorry about your world cup results. But it gave you a chance to write this lovely blog 🙂

      Author's profile photo Sharon Om
      Sharon Om

      Great info and Greg has more good news planned in this integration for the 2H 2014!

      FYI - folks are working to get this information surfaced on Lumira SCN as well.

      Author's profile photo Harleen Kaur
      Harleen Kaur

      Hey Sharon,

      Is the Lumira BI Add on available for GA?

      Author's profile photo Sharon Om
      Sharon Om

      Its official status is in ramp-up. However anyone who have the license and apply will be approved for access and for use in production.

      Author's profile photo Sylvie MARNONI
      Sylvie MARNONI

      Does SAP have an ESRI license and credentials in order to demsonstrate the ESRI integration with Lumira 1.17 ?

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Sylvie - you can obtain a trial version of ESRI - see this blog for more details How to use Esri Maps in SAP Lumira

      Author's profile photo Sascha Jaekel
      Sascha Jaekel

      Hi all,

      does anyone has some updates on this limitiation?

      ->> Accessing HANA Live is not yet supported.  At this time, a static dataset from HANA must be published from desktop.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I heard in a recent presentation that you are now able to publish a story/visualization (but not the data set) to the BI platform, by installing some add-on.

      Is this true? I can't seem to find this add-on (neither is the above mentioned in mem Lumira add-on available in SMP.

      Any thoughts/ideas?



      Author's profile photo Sascha Jaekel
      Sascha Jaekel


      it can be found in the given path as discribed by Greg.

      -> installations and upgrades

           -> Choose "L"

                -> SAP LUMIRA IN-MEM. FOR BI

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      It seems to still be in ramp-up?

      Can you see it in that link?



      Author's profile photo Sascha Jaekel
      Sascha Jaekel

      Hi Fredrik,

      no it's not in ramp up.

      check this:

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Sascha,

      The target completion date for the ramp-up is September so officially it's still in ramp-up.

      @Fredrik Carlsson: You need to have the proper BI license to get access via SMP. Can you check this link an sign-up:…

      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken