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Follow-on Documents in My Carts in SRM User Interface Add-on 1.0

The Shopping carts for which the log on user is the requester, could be browsed through (will be listed) in the ‘My Carts’ screen in SRM UI Add-On. This includes the carts created in Web Dynpro also.

If there are follow-on documents (e.g Purchase order, Confirmation etc) created for the shopping cart items, the follow-on documents can be viewed via the links provided for the same in ‘My Carts’ screen.


For the navigation links to work , either Net weaver Business Client (NWBC) needs to be enabled or Portal Customization needs to be maintained. If both the settings are maintained, the settings maintained for NWBC will be considered on navigation of the links.

Also, to navigate to the shopping carts which are created in Web Dyn pro , one of the above settings needs to be maintained.

Enable NWBC with the following customization activity:

 Go to transaction SPRO  -> SAP Implementation Guide->SAP Supplier Relationship Management ->SRM Server ->Technical Basic Settings->Portal-Independent Navigation Frame->Activate/Deactivate Portal-Independent Navigation Frame

 Activate the customizing switch SRM_700_LOCAL_MENU

Maintain the portal configuration with following customization activity:

 Go to  transaction SPRO -> SAP Implementation Guide->SAP Supplier Relationship Management  ->SRM Server ->Technical Basic Settings->Maintain Portal Information

 Here maintain the necessary data for following entries:

  1)Port of the SAP Portal (Internal)

  2)Full Qualified Domain Name (Internal)

  3)Protocol (Internal)

  4)Root Path of iView/Application

Related Documents Navigation

Link to Follow-on documents are displayed under ‘Related Docs’ for each Shopping cart item.

When there are more than one document of the same type for a shopping cart item, the navigation links will be displayed in the ‘Multiple Docs’ pop-up.

For example, when one Purchase order and one confirmation are created for the SC item, direct links to the documents will be displayed in ‘Related docs’.


However, if more than one confirmations are created for the same SC, ‘Multiple Docs’ link will be displayed which opens a pop-up which has the links to the different confirmations.

When backend documents (for e.g Purchase requisition) are created, the document number information will be displayed in the ‘Multiple docs’ pop-up.



                                                       SC with more than 1 confirmation



                                                       SC with PR as follow-on document

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  • Hi Ajitha,

    Thanks for the Blog which details the information. I enabled the Links for My Carts based on the configuration and maintained the Portal Server details instead of NWBC. After saving the details when i open the Cart in My Carts section it always points to SRMNXP Application in back end and does not go through the IView/Application from portal and fails

    Below URL is formed when clicked:

    http://<portal hostname>:port/sap/bc/bsp/srmnxp/shoppingcart/index.htm?OBJECT_ID=1000452170&SAPSRM_MODE=DISPLAY

    That is the Path for application in SRM and never opens as it does not work.

    If i change the Parameters to SRM server details then it opens..

    Please suggest



    • Hi Sumanth,

      Thanks for going through the blog.

      If the shopping cart is created in the SRM UI add-on, then the SC will be launched in the new UI only.So the URL that is generated would be similar to the one you have mentioned.

      However, if the SC is created in WebDynpro and if this is launched from the SRM UI Add-on, the URL parameters would depend on the values mainatained in the portal configuration, and the SC will be opened in WebDynpro.

      Could you please let me know if you are opening a cart that is created in SRM UI Add-on?

      Or, do you have issues in opening a cart that is craeted in WebDynpro, but opened from SRM UI Add-on?

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Ajitha

        i tried to open the previous carts created with Webdynpro and thats when the above format URL is generated.

        In both scenarios I am getting the similar URL and works only if I maintain the SRM server details in the configuration instead of the portal server.

        The other issue I am getting also is with Protocol. It always opens the previous carts using HTTPS and not sure why that is the case..checking in the system.

        I am enabling the UI ADDON in EHP3 SRM and having Review cart issue with error Buffer table not up to date To check if the behavior is same for both old carts and new carts In EHP3.

        But I am sure that it is same URL generation when I configured the same in EHP1 SRM system when tried couple of months back.

        my reply has three issues and for some I raised OSS messages mainly the URL Generation.

        One net more question: for Iview/application parameter is it the format ROLES:/(PCD path of the WDA shopping cart application)?



        • Hi Sumanth,

          The SC URL with the format 'http://<portal hostname>:port/sap/bc/bsp/srmnxp/shoppingcart/index.htm?' would be generated for the SC created via SRM UI Add-on. But if this is not the case, this needs to be checked in your system.The support team would be able to help you here, so you could raise a CSS message for the same.

          The Protocol also would be read from the customizing. Protocol value maintained in the customizing, 'Enterprise portal settings'.

          Best Regards,


          • HI Ajitha

            Thanks for the info. I have raised message and will update there for the URL generation.

            is there a specific format we need to maintain for the root IView path in the configuration?



          • Hi Ajitha,

            Thanks for the information.

            My issue with URL generation is resolved now, for some reason we have the below entry active in our system when SP4 is installed.

            /SRMNXP/V_PROC_T  --> For Blank entry SRMNXP_ACTIVE was flagged which made all carts to open in New UI. Once it is disabled now, Carts with WDA are opened in WDA along with Followon documents. UI5 carts are opened with correct URL in UI Layer.


          • Hi Ajitha,

            My one of the protocol issue is resolved with the Note 2045909 as it was hard coded before to use HTTPS and now the value is read from the customization in the Class


            Coming to the URL formation and the statement from the Blog and Config guide:


            Also, to navigate to the shopping carts which are created in WebDynpro , one of the above settings needs to be maintained.


            It seems there is some issue the way i interpret the above method code. Not sure if the issue is in my system or config.

            If the Switch SRM_700_LOCAL_MENU is not enabled, then the Hostname, Port and Protocol are read from the Portal configuration under SAP Implementation Guide->SAP Supplier Relationship Management  ->SRM Server ->Technical Basic Settings->Maintain Portal Information

            Once the details are read, the below statement is called

            CONCATENATE lv_protocol `://` lv_fqdn ':' lv_port '/sap/' 'bc/bsp/srmnxp/shoppingcart/index.htm?' 'OBJECT_ID=' iv_bo_id INTO ev_url

            Which always set to call UI5 Application irrespective of Carts created with WDA or UI5. This behavior is different than what is in config and blog. I am creating a new OSS message for this.

            With the Switch disabled and above config maintained with portal server then URL will be

            <Portal Protocol>://<Portal Hostname>:<Portal Port>/sap/'bc/bsp/srmnxp/shoppingcart..

            Above URL will fail as this path does not exist in Portal.

            With Switch enabled, then URL forms as

            <SRM Protocol>://<SRM Hostname>:<SRM Port>/sap/'bc/bsp/srmnxp/shoppingcart..

            Above URL will work and opens all Carts in UI5.

            Please suggest..

            Looks like the bahavior i envision with the way URL generated, all Carts (Both WDA and UI5) are opened using New UI5 when accessed through My Carts and Follow On Documents will open using the Portal.

            For SC's to open in My Carts, we need to enable the Switch and for the Follow on Documents we need to maintain the Portal Information .

            OSS Messages i created are

            Wrong Protocol used in My carts when opening with UI Addon ( 733011 / 2014 )

            Shopping carts in My Carts displayed wrong generated URL ( 747771 / 2014 )