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Author's profile photo JAI GUPTA

BW 7.4 Upgrade issue – Data model Synchronization error

The purpose of this document is to help people who have BCS component installed in their landscape along with BW during BW upgrade. As, I have to do a thorough research before I came across the solution I thought of sharing it in a blog so that ,in future, if anyone faces the similar problem he/she can refer this blog. So, Lets look at the problem that my team faced during upgrade and what we did it to resolve it..

Recently, we did an upgrade in our BW environment form 7.0 to 7.4. During our BW post upgrade activities, we found error in one of our Bex query as shown below:


This Bex query was built on top of BCS cube. BCS is a SEM component based on BW. The Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) is a SAP product that provides integrated software with comprehensive functionality that allows a company to significantly streamline the entire strategic management process.The BCS component is a part of SEM that provides complete functionality for the legally required and management consolidation by company.

Upon choosing the Individual display from the above error message we got below screen. This is the Data Model Synchronizer screen which highlights the difference in the data models between BCS and BW application. Here, in field MSEHI we can see that the difference exists between BCS and BW landscape as shown below which is the root cause for this issue.


So to resolve this issue, we tried to follow the details in the message as shown  in the window below,but with that every object(Cube,DSO etc) built on top of BCS got regenerated in BW. Due to which, all the existing modifications done in the these objects by BW team got lost.


So, in order to avoid that, we used program ‘UGMD_BATCH_SYNC’. This program synchronized BW and BCS application without regenerating any thing. The details of this program can be found at below link:

Manual Data Synchronization – Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS) – SAP Library.

After executing this program, we need to mentioned the following things:

  • Application
  • Application Area
  • Field name

Application and application area can be found out as highlighted below:


We executed this program with selections as shown below and both the applications got synchronized without the regeneration of any of the BW objects./wp-content/uploads/2014/06/dms_error_485314.png

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      Author's profile photo Jim Taylor
      Jim Taylor

      We had the exact same problem.  Following the steps given worked and we moved along in our upgrade to 7.4!  Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Francisco Rodríguez
      Francisco Rodríguez

      Hi Jai, thanks for the advice.