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As we know that the default value to set on rows per commit is 1000, and maximum value to set is 50000.

BODS recommends to set the rows per commit value between 500 and 2000 for best performance.

The value of rows per commit depends based on number of columns in the target table.

Here is the formula for the same –

Calculate Rows per commit value = max_IO_size (64K for most of the platform)/row size


Row size = (# of columns)*(20 bytes (average column size) )* 1.3 (30% overhead)

Eg: – If no. of columns is 10 then row size = 10*20*1.3=26

= 64 K/ 26 = 2.4 K

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  1. Venkata Ramana Paidi

    Hi Siva Prasad,

    It is nice explanation for arrow fetch size and rows per commit .    You mean  as per your example rows per commit is 2400 records?

    Thanks & Regards,


  2. Former Member

    If this math is used, then the number will almost never fall between the recommended number of rows per commit. It will be way under. In my case, the table has 45 columns, so that means I will have to set the rows per commit to 55. Something is def wrong here.


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