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Course guide “Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (repeat)” – week 3


ENROLL TO THE COURSE HERE (in case you haven’t, yet): Course: Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (repeat)

You can find a list of the course guides for each week of this course in the corresponding parent project of this blog post.

Course Guide Week 3 – Advanced Persistency Features

Hi everyone,

in the third week of the course Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform we will provide you with some features of the Persistence Service and we’ll also look into the Document Service that stores unstructured data.

Find below additional information that can be useful to you during this course week. While monitoring the forums I’ll also add some sections around common mistakes and how to fix them into the corresponding units.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Local Development

Issues With This Unit

When going through this unit you’ll find a difference compared with the video. Read the blog post from Eli providing some help to get around that issue.

Additional Links

Unit 2 – Using HANA Modeler

Proxy settings

To be able to establish a database tunnel through the console client you need to have your proxy settings setup correctly. Just follow this instruction:

Unit 3 – Introduction To The Document Service

Common issues Could not create repository. Document Service responded with http 400

One possibility for this error message can be that your password for your key is less than 10 characters long. Try to make the password at least 10 characters long and publish the code changes which should fix the issue.

Unit 4 – Consuming Document Service with External Tools

Unit 5 – Document Service Metadata & Queries

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  • Hi Ron or Rui.

    1. I misread the time as EST and I cannot take the week2 assignment as it is locked for me now.

    2. The other thing Is I was thinking I was pressing week 2 and pressed week 3 assignment

    but I have not read anything on week2. Can you please reset week3 for me.



  • Hello Rui,

    When i was trying to work on the demo for week 2 unit 5 . After making all the changes when i restart the server to complete the demo I get following warnings and message which are attached can you please help me as to why this is happening./wp-content/uploads/2014/06/abc_485250.png/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/def_485251.png



  • Hi Rui,

    On week 3, unit 4, after about 9 minutes through the training I start my application opensapw3u4 but it fails to start. I get the following error message

    Server opensapw3u4.i062869trial at was unable to start within 120 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor.

    Any ideas? I checked through each step of the code changes and validated each file.

    Do I just need to increase the timeout? or does this mean some sort of problem outside of the excercise

    Many Thanks

    • Increasing the timeout is definitely the first step that you should do. There are circumstances when an application did not start in 120 secs. Just increase it to say 600 secs to be on the safe side. In case the app still fails to start, reply here so that we can have a deeper look.

  • Hi Rui,

    in Unit 4 I get an exception when starting the CMIS workbench connection:


    This happend before and after I added the authentication role to my user.



  • Hi Rui,

    I’m stuck on Week 2 Unit 5 part. I get the window pop up when I try to select “Organize imports” Withe the selection option avilable (Screenshot below) I tried selecting few but its just brings more errors into the new code ? Please help. Thank you




  • Hi Rui

    Everything was working spot on until I started unit 2 week 3.

    I have created the Trial Instance on the SAP Hana Cloud and I retrieved the Hana Instance opensap into Eclipse.

    Unfortunately, it does not allowing me to finish the Join in between the tables. Once I drag and drop the first field relation from BPA to SO, the system becomes unstable and it hangs.

    I have deleted the Trial instance and tried again with a different name opensap1, but I get stuck on the same point.

    I am not able to see the join between the 2 tables (i.e. the yellow line), althought I can see that the view is there.

    I am using a MAC.

    Does it looks to you that I am doing something wrong?

    I have tried to see if I can set the relation by hand in any other of the windows, but I am not able to see anything.

    Can you help me?

  • Hi Rui,

    While I was working in week 3 unit 2, while publishing in the last step I encountered an option to choose and from then onwards it is throwing an error. And i am not able to publish through ( opensapw2u3.p1940687684trial at one.

    Please help me.

  • Hello Rui,

    Many thanks to you for providing this course. I really like following it. Now I need your help: In the video for week 3 unit 1 you mention a “Materials” folder or area where I can find the connection properties for the exercise?

    Thank you and kind regards,


  • Hi,

    the links to the course materials (slides, files) for Week 3 are currently not working. Cannot get or the other files.



  • I wonder if anyone can help?

    In the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit – under “HANA instances”, when I click “New Trial Instance”, give it a name of ‘opensap’ and then click save I get an error:

    Unable to create trial instance ‘opensap’: Internal Server Error (500)

    Unexpected exception in createSchema() called with account ‘i049477trial’, schema ‘opensap’, DB Type ‘hanaxs’, DB Version ‘’, and DB Server ‘null’

    Any ideas what the problem might be?

    Many thanks


  • hi rui,

    i am not able to open the CMIS workbecnh as i get follwoing error. I have added roles to my user but still getting this issue. I have checked my proxy settings too. I see everything okay but still this issue. Please help as i am not able to proceed any further.




    • Hi Anu,

      hard to track alot of different errors in one discussion 🙂

      Please try to open the URL you use for the Workbench directly in your browser and report the result (as well as the URL). Please do this in a separate discussion thread.



  • Hi Rui,

       I’m having an issue in W3U2 where after I connect to my newly created opensap instance, I cannot continue any further. I’ve pasted the error log messages as well. Thanks for your help.Image 1.JPGImage 2.JPGImage 3.JPG

  • Hello, I’m just finishing off this last unit and had hoped I could take the final exam this week as I’m on annual leave next week for 3 weeks. It appears I shall not have the opportunity to do the final exam. Is there anything anyone can do to make it available to me this week?

    Thank you


      • Thanks Rui. I’ll take the final test using my mobile phone whilst away. I’ll be climbing some mountains in Switzerland. I bet no one else will be taking their OpenSAP course up a mountain!     Or will they?! 😉

        Wish me luck, I won’t have access to all the PDF or any of the tools, web sites etc.

        Great course by the way Rui. Congratulations to you and the team. 🙂

        All the best,


  • Hello Rui,

    I have completed the steps in the week 3 unit 1 presentation but I am getting the below error while launching the applications on the localhost

    Cannot connect to jdbc:sap://localhost:30015/ [Cannot connect to host localhost:30015 [Connection refused: connect]

    Please advise.



  • Hi Rui,

    My web.xml is causing some problems.


    This happened after I created the new servlet and added the resource ref for opensapDS.

    Could you please advise on the matter?



  • Hi,

    in Unit 4 I get an exception when starting the CMIS workbench connection:


    This happend before and after I added the authentication role to my user.

    May I ask how to set the proxy in the CMIS workbench? I can’t find a button to allow me to do so.

    Thanks and Regards,