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MMForum: Why The Internet of Things is NOT the Sole Hero of the Future

I’m not going to pretend that I understand Mining and Metals or I have the answer to current and future problems of this very complex industry but I know me and my generation- your future employees, leaders, politicians, consumers and for some reason because of the power of human ingenuity we are blessed to grow up in the information age and whether you accept it or not, we are different. We know, think and live different- not in a good or bad way but just…different. And the sooner the current industry leaders accept it, the better off all of us will be. We may not have the knowledge and experience but what we do have is our imagination and our passion and thirst for things that work.

If we look at the up and coming technologies that covers such great expectations to a point that it is nearing controversy, we see that it’s not only the Internet of Things but rather how it will interact with other different technologies and processes such as Big Data, In Memory Computing, Gamification and Crowdsourcing.

Maybe the future challenges of mining is not just the digging up of minerals and metals but rather how the entire mining ecosystem will adapt to the future conditions, commerce and consumers (us).

What if one day the image of the greasy miner with a yellow hardhat on a jumper will be thing of the past? As automation and industry specialized drones and other machines grow more efficient, less of manual labor will be required.

Are humans still going to be part of the supply chain other than just being consumers? Absolutely! But what if through Gamification regular people such as myself or even kids would want to be part of the mining ecosystem not because we have to do it to get a job or forced to consume it but because the system actually is enriching and exciting and responsible all at the same time?

What if through crowdsourcing you are able to mobilize hundreds or even thousands of independent, passionate miners all around the world to solve future problems? And we know for a fact that this is already the way to do it because what we have learned over this short period of abundance in information is that we love giving information. We gravitate to solving problems, just like the millions of “How to” videos on Youtube- we like helping out not because this makes millionaires out us but because we just are.

And because of the insane amount of data that will be generated by all of these SAP Hana will have to take a bigger role, much more that we already have.

The Internet of Things should be redefined. It’s not just about sensors and tracking and monitoring but also how it will connect to processes- to other systems- to our lives- HUMAN LIVES.

I also want to visit Germany so PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!

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  • OMG, this is really awesome 😘 . Entirely wonderful piece of writing...never read this kind of deep thinking in a while. You should definitely go to Germany to tell the germans/ SAP pundits of these wonderful ideas!


  • Hi Md Monzur Morshed,

    You surely have a good vision of future and thinking out of box.

    Traditionally, Mining industry has been slow in adapting the fast moving disruptive technologies but in recent times we have seen many amazing adoption of technology in mining, like these:

    PF300 - Essential part of IN-PIT CRUSHING and CONVEYING (IPCC) - YouTube

    Rio Tinto - Mine of the Future - YouTube

    Google Lunar XPrize: The world's next great space race - CNET

    The opportunities are limitless, just need to keep thinking out of box.

    Good work.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hi Mr. Ashutosh Srivastava, I have seen the URLs....those are quite interesting and resourceful indeed. My blog is just a small effort to produce new ideas. I believe that many minds working together as a community can fix world's toughest problems by sharing resources and ideas. Also thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  • Inspiring. Your blog reminded me of Adrien Treuille who creates games like FoldIT to solve real science problems, problems that the mind of a gamer can solve much faster and quicker than even a large computer.

    Thinking of 100 million players of minecraft, and digital and remote mining techniques - this could be quite a change to the industry.

    Thank you for your blog.

    • That's a very interesting take on gamification Stefan. Gamification has a lot of improving to do, I mean for the longest time a lot of people had the impression that it's all about "Badges". Your insight on game to industry techniques I see has a lot of potential. I don't think the reality of making it happen is very technically difficult.

      I also think that SAP is really taking this seriously because now, a huge focus in the UA is on design thinking.

    • Hi Mr. Stefan Weisenberger, I absolutely agree with you. A common "Gamification" platform can unite all the talents in the world. Any body from anywhere can contribute for humanity....for human lives having access to this platform. That day isn't very far as big corporations like SAP, IBM already started thinking about it 🙂

  • Hi Md Monzur Morshed,

    Fantastic Blog!

    I like the idea of considering human factor while considering technologies like Internet of things. this technologies are used to make our life better and less complex. for e.g. instead of thinking of automating all the machines using IoT one can create a platform using IoT which enables human to interact with machines remotely where anybody from the world even a 10 year old child can able to operate hugh machines in mines using a joystick just as he plays a normal video games.

    I thank you and all the participants of MMForum for sharing their bright ideas!



    • Hi Mr. Pratik Soni, Thanks for your thoughtful comments and writing a gist of my entire post. It is not only connecting computers/devices but also developing a smooth interaction between man-machine without boarders and harnessing the power of computing for humanity 🙂