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To boldly go where no SAP HANA Trainer has gone before

Since I returned from my SAP HANA tour it was a very busy time. You could say the tour got extended a bit and I kept teaching SAP HANA (HA200, WNLHD7 and WSPREP) classes and visited UK, DE, and SAP NL.

I was also asked to participate in the course development for HA200 – SAP HANA – Installation & Operations SPS08 and include all my ideas in the HA200. What does this mean for the HA200? The following changes were included:

  • Installing a Single Host System on SPS08.
  • Installing a Multi-Host System on SPS08.
  • Instructor demo on SAP HANA System Replication.
  • Applying patches using the renewed hdbclmgui.
  • Installing the SAP HANA SHINE demo content.

Here a picture of how my desk looks like during course development.


All this will be done on the SAP HANA system installed by the participant, so no nicely prepped system. You get an empty system and your hand dirty on doing all these things yourself.

So with this HA200 update from SPS07 to SPS08 SAP Education is matching the fast pace that the SAP HANA real-time data platform is moving at.

I’m announcing the SPS08 First Teach for the HA200: SAP HANA – Installation & Operations. The course material has been reworked and updated to reflect SAP HANA SPS08.

Information on the First Teach HA200 SPS08:

Location: SAP Education NL

Trainer: Hay Bouten

Language: English

Date: 7th July 2014

Duration: 5 days


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  • Nice - is the keyboard in the picture connected to all the screens?  That is quite a set up 🙂

    Good luck with the upcoming classes

    • Thanks Tammy. The First Teach will (must) go fine. I have tested it over and over again. The keyboard works for the two big screens, but not on the tablet.

      My mouse isn't working at the moment as I lost it last week during my flight from London to Amsterdam.

  • Good luck and have fun with the updated course, Hay! 🙂

    You get an empty system and your hand dirty on doing all these things yourself.

    The best way to learn IMO. ^^

  • Hm, and what about teaching the delta like your last workshop? Like a webinar or 1-2 days?

    Administrators need easy ways to be 'up to date'...



    • Hi Jan,

      I was very busy this last few weeks with prepping all for the first teach so I missed this message (thanks Sarah)

      I teaching the HA200 SPS08 right now and all is going very well. So the HA200 SPS08 will be finalised very soon. After that I can start doing the Delta training, but that will be after my holidays.

      I will announce the HANA SPS08 here when I'm done.