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mockA – Carry out checks against parameters passed to the mock object’s methods

What has been missing so far

In one of my last blog posts, I showed you how mock objects can be easily created. I also showed you how mock object’s method calls can be counted and how verifications can be implemented, to ensure that a mocked object’s method has been called.

Up to now, it was not possible to check, which parameters have been passed.

Ensure, that a mocked object has been called with certain parameters

In the current build, I also included the possibility to verify the parameters that have been passed to a mock object’s method.

This is how it works:

First of all, you need to keep track of the mocker object of type ZIF_MOCKA_MOCKER (which means, please do not throw it away 😉 )

By utilizing this mocker object, you can get data about your mocked methods, such as if it has been called with certain parameters or not:

DATA lv_has_been_called TYPE abap_bool.
lv_has_been_called = lo_mocker->method( 'get_delay' )->has_been_called_with(
     i_p1             = 'LH'
     i_p2             = '300'
     i_p3             = sy-datlo

For further details, please see report ZMOCKA_DEMO that is shipped with the current release.


Only IMPORTING parameters are supported so far, this means no CHANGING parameters can be verified yet.

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