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I got a client requirement to map EL(Earned Leave) quota configuration on monthly basis with 1.5 days per month. User asked me to configure in such a way that if the Employee is present in full month or availed only paid leave for the particular month then the EL quota will be full i.e. 1.5 days. If there is any LWP (Leave without Pay) so the EL quota generation will be prorated as per the present days basis.So in that case employee is not going to get full quota allocation.The quota will be generated in No Time Evaluation Basis.To map the above requirement I used the Reduction Rule concept. Please find the solution details in SAP

Solution in SAP:

ESG Grouping details (V_503_ALL)

ScreenHunter_22 Jun. 24 13.53.gif

PSG Grouping Details ( V_001P_ALL)

ScreenHunter_23 Jun. 24 13.56.gif

1. Define Absence Type in Table(V_T554S)

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 24 12.10.gif

2. Determine Entry Screens and Time Constraint Classes ( V_554S_O)

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 24 17.19.gif

3. Define Absence Quota Types ( V_T556A)

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 24 17.21.gif

4. Permit Generation of Quotas in Time Evaluation ( V_556A_B)

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 24 17.22.gif

5. Specify Rule Groups for Quota Type Selection (T.code:PE03,feature:QUOMO)

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 24 12.19.gif

6. Set Base Entitlements ( V_T559E)

7. Determine Validity and Deduction Periods ( V_T559D)

ScreenHunter_06 Jun. 24 17.23.gif

8. Define Rules for Reducing Quota Entitlements ( T559M and V_554S_M)


ScreenHunter_09 Jun. 24 12.26.gif


ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 24 12.27.gif

9. Define Rules for Rounding Quota Entitlements ( V_T559R)

ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 24 17.25.gif

10. Define Generation Rules for Quota Type Selection ( V_T559L)

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 24 12.33.gif

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 24 15.47.gif

ScreenHunter_14 Jun. 24 12.34.gif

ScreenHunter_15 Jun. 24 12.35.gif

Here I assigned the Reduction Rule what is there in T559M and I ticked the LWP Absence type in V_554S_M.

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 24 15.48.gif

11. Define Deduction Rules for Absence and Attendance Quotas ( V_556R_B)

ScreenHunter_17 Jun. 24 12.40.gif

12. Assign Deduction Rules to Counting Rules ( T556C)

ScreenHunter_18 Jun. 24 12.42.gif

ScreenHunter_19 Jun. 24 13.20.gif

ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 24 13.24.gif

13. Assign Counting Rules to Absence Types ( V_554S_Q)

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 24 13.49.gif

Test Cases

For the month of May 2014, the IT2001 details with no LWP and quota details are as follows

ScreenHunter_24 Jun. 24 15.01.gif

For the same month, I’m trying with 5 days LWP

ScreenHunter_25 Jun. 24 15.03.gif

The quota details are as follows

ScreenHunter_26 Jun. 24 15.05.gif

This is all about the scenario mapping and testing as per user data.


Santosh Kumar Mohanty

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  1. Sikindar T

    Good one What in case if employee joins in mid of the month shd the same leave gets prorate ? if yes , you have to ticket Work pay , basic pay radio button keep posting with some more scenarios

        1. santosh mohanty Post author

          Hi Pari,

          Please check the point.8 i.e.

          Define Rules for Reducing Quota Entitlements ( T559M and V_554S_M)

          All the details are there.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Santosh,

    Its a good contribution you have done here to the whole world….Thanks for sharing, it will help us a lot …

    Thank you my friend..

    Vikram A V

      1. Former Member

        I have a requirement that 1 day EL quota should get updated if there is no PL / SL / LWP in IT2001.

        Can I configure using this method?



        1. santosh mohanty Post author


          It’s all about reduction rule helps in prorating the quota number. You ve to go for a pcr to validate your condition and then pass the EL time type details with 1 or 0.


              1. Former Member

                Hi Santosh,

                Followed all your configuration steps. Checked them twice too. However while running PT_QTA00 I am getting below pop up message:

                You have not selected any generation rules



                1. santosh mohanty Post author

                  Hi Bhagyashree,

                  Please check all the configurational steps in relate to the Absence quota. Please check following things

                  1. PS(PS grping for time recoding also) and ESG grouping.

                  2. Quomo feature.

                  3. Baseentitlement rule.

                  4. Validity period.

                  5. Rounding rule.

                  6. Reduction rule.

                  7. Generation rule.

                  8. Deduction rule and counting rule.

                  9. Assignment of counting to absence type.


  3. Niladri Bihari Nayak

    Thanks a lot Santosh bhai for the nice blog…I had a similar requirement and it was really helpful…

    Also thanks goes to Sankarshan for sharing the same.




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