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Connecting SAP Crystal Report 2011/2013 with SAP R/3 ECC 6.0

Hello everyone this is a simple guide, to inform who ever has again some issues, on

how to connect SAP Crystal Report (2011 or 2013) with SAP R/3 ECC 6.0.


– SAP GUI Logon (installed on your client machine)

– SAP Crystal Reports (installed on your client machine or you can download it with the link at the end of this document)



1- check where is the  saplogon.ini (in my case: %appdata%\SAP\Common\saplogon.ini)

2- open the saplogon.ini with notepad and set the UTF format and than save it replacing the original one if it was not in UTF format

3- (within Windows OS) go to : control panel>system>advanced>environment variables>system variables and create a new system variable with name “SAPLOGON_INI_FILE” and path “C:\Users\….\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common\saplogon.ini” (in my case) ;

4- open SAP Crystal Reports 2013 (in my case) > VIEW > Preferred Viewing Locale > (here I set the language of the SAP GUI Logon which I use, in my case was in english so I set English)

5- (within SAP Crystal Reports 2013) > FILE > Log On or Off Server… > Create New Connection > SAP Table, Cluster, or Function > (now it shows me all the different SAP Systems that are also in the SAP GUI Logon, choose one of the SAP ECC system you connect usually through the SAP GUI Logon, set the client, username, password and then finish)

6- now you have the connection set (but you may not see the data within tables  on Data Dictionary DD tables if you try to import a table and then right click on a field of the table and click on Browse Data it will show you an empty box, so follow the SECOND STEP)


(fix SAP GATEWAY issue to view your data within the tables)

1- go to your ECC SYSTEM with SAP GUI Logon and go to Transaction Code: RZ11 (faster than RZ10)

2- check for value: gw/acl_mode

3- it is set to 1 by default for SAP System 730, set this parameter to 0

4- now you are able to see your data in crystal report through the connection made before

Note that:

– RZ10     value isn’t changed after System restart

– RZ11     value is reseted after System restart


– navigate through the connection you made using tables on Data Dictionary DD section

– import some tables

– create your reports

Note that:

– if you can’t see the tables you are interested in, right click on Data Dictionary DD > options > and under TABLE NAME LIKE put your table name like %vbak% for example (show all the tables with vbak statements), now right click on Data Dictionary DD > refresh;

Remember to reset this filter because it will always display results based on your last filter;

Download 30 Day Trial SAP Crystal Reports 2013: SAP Crystal Reports 2013 30-Day Evaluation

Official Product Tutorials for SAP Crystal Reports 2011/2013: Official Product Tutorials – SAP Crystal Reports 2011 / 2013

Learn SAP Crystal Report:

Hope this would be helpful!

Best regards,

Denis Mullaraj.

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  • Hi Denis,

    Nice Document,

    One more important thing "To Load the required Transports", I have seen most issues related to it.



    • Hello Shahnawaz, I'm not an expert on it, if you wish, would you like to put the missing part if someone will encounter the "Load required transports" within a comment so I can modify the document quoting you?

      Thank you for your contribution,

      best regards,



  • Hi Denis,

    Thank you for the write up.  I am following the steps and now stuck at No. 5 in First Step.

    After I chose the "Selected system:", put in the correct Client:, Username: and Password: and click Finish, I got this message:

    Logon failed.

    Details: You do not have the necessary rights to design reports against the SAP system.  Please check with your system administrator.

    Is there anything I need to inform the BASIS people to do so that my username is allowed access?


  • Hello together,


    just some days ago when that topic was created. But i actually have a problem with Crystal Reports.

    After a server migration (ip change included) the SAP System is throwing DUMPS in ST22 when crystal reports are created.

    The DUMP says this:


    There are many notes but i can´t identify the problem. Does anyone now if there are some additional things which should be executed after a server migration ?


    Thanks and best regards