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Who are the moderators and space editors of an SCN space?

Moderators are subject matter experts who help guide members and instill community spirit. They use their knowledge expertise to review content and encourage proper netiquette.

Space Editors develop content strategies and information architectures for topic areas within the space. They are responsible for publishing, consolidating, and otherwise pointing to relevant content for their topic, product, or industry spaces, via the main overview page of the space. Space editors are space moderators as well.

The SCN moderators and space editors, have a direct impact on members’ experience and community engagement. They can help you understand the SCN Rules of Engagement, write better blogs, and stay updated on the most pertinent content on SCN.

Where can you find them?

Nearly every space displays the stakeholder names in two places: The space overview page and the People tab, as depicted below in the SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing space. The overview section in the upper left corner of the space overview page shows the moderators and space editors in most cases. Meanwhile, the names are also displayed on the left side on the People tab.


For the last several months we were busy updating moderators and space editors database and making sure that our lists are accurate. The update is behind us and stakeholders currently listed are the go to experts if you have any questions. This is a dynamic role and there are hundreds of spaces to update. If you find that some lists include wrong information, please let us know via the Support space.

❗ The Contact List document that was previously the main source for finding out who the stakeholders are now retired and will not be updated further.

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  1. Ravi Ekambaram

    Hi Oxana,

    Thanks for the information.

    One of the space in PLM “PPM” does not have any moderators/Space editors. Is there any specific reason for this?


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ravi Ekambaram and Reagan Benjamin,

      Currently there are no moderators assigned to these spaces, but we are looking into changing this situation. In the meantime, I encourage you and other users to hit the “Alert Moderator” button if you feel that the content in these spaces violates The SCN Rules of Engagement (for example: copyright infringement, sharing of personal details and more). Your report will go to global moderators, who monitor all spaces in the community.



  2. Former Member

    I am wondering whether a reverse look-up is possible in absence of Contact List.

    If I see Moderator icon in a user’s profile, is there an easy way to see what spaces he/she moderates?


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