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A tool which helps to schedule Web Intelligence and Crystal reports on table driven data – Business Objects 4.0 Scheduling Utility

Problem Statement

Business User: Generate PDF report as soon as the feed table is updated for a client

Technical: Trigger Business Objects report for scheduling based on provided parameters (prompts, report format, destination to dump reports) once the feed  getting updated into control table. Send the processed outputs and update the control table with job status

Business Object 4.0 limitations:

  • File based trigger of report schedule
  • Cant update feed table once the record processed

The Solutions

Offered the idea to implement a tool which will triggers report based on feed table records and send the required formatted report into preferred destination in automated way. BusinessObjects Scheduling utility facilitates the scheduling of BusinessObjects reports based on parameters retrieved from the database and transfer the report outputs to the required destination in automated way.

How to use the tool

It is java based process implemented using BusinessObjects 4.0 SDK API. The program needs to be invoked from cron job

Key Features

  • BusinessObjects SDK custom java code
  • It has two components : Scheduler and Monitor
  • Interact with Control table and retrieve Report and Schedule parameters details
  • Schedule BusinessObjects Report as per the parameters retrieved
  • Send report output (PDF/EXCEL) to destination file share/ external location
  • Monitor status of schedule reports
  • Update control table once Schedule process completes


  • When there is a need to schedule reports which depends on feed table entry to trigger
  • When there is a need to schedule BusinessObjects report in automated way


  • It can be run in windows platform , Linux platform
  • It can be modified depending on needs
  • It can deal not only with Web Intelligence report but it can handle for Crystal reports scheduling too

What it takes to reuse this

  • The program needs to invoked from cron job and it need feed data from database


  • Automate the schedule process which triggers based on feed table data
  • Reduce huge effort on manual scheduling report from Administrative jobs
  • Configure to run in off business hours and reduce load on server in business hours, increasing other applications performance in business hours
  • Update success / failed report instance into control table with root cause
  • Offers option to change report format on dynamic way through control table
  • Dynamicity  on report prompt values, business can update for which parameters they want report data

I’m sharing what has been implmeneted using BusinessObjects 4.0 SDK API. If there is any need, any one reuse the concept and get the benefits.

Please share your thougts if you want to discuss anything.

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      I want an automated tool/program that gives data which reports are failed and which reports are success for the following

      i have reports where the failure or success of the report instance matters.

      i have report where the reports will be placed in the file server with destination details.

      i have some reports where the PDF output will be sent to users.

      How to do this?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      All of these can be achieved through BO SDK API,

      we have already implemented your first two functionality but the last one we need to explore.

      Are you aware of  BO 4.0 SDK API? I will share the specific API needed to implement your needs for sure.

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      Former Member

      Hi Abhijit,

      No i dnt have not worked on SDK till now.

      But this our requirement.

      Instead of going and checking all scheduled webi reports in all 4 Prod boxes we thought fo developing a tool where if we get any stats of all webi reports thrice in a day in one place then it will be easy.

      Because going further we will be getting more reports for webi.

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      the tool is base on Business Object SDK API. It a java application which monitors reports schedule status by checking CMS repository. I can share the API's  which are need to implement to the tool. If you need anything else, please let me know.

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      Former Member

      Hi Abhijit,

      do you mean to say instead of going and entering the prompts value monthly ,it can be done through tool?

      My mngr wants some tool where we can see all the scheduled reports status,success ,failure and if it has been moved to file repository  and PDF has been generated or not,sent to users or not.

      all these can be handled with the BO SDK API?

      Can you share one example.

      Aaso please share API names.


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      yes, the application we built is a java based application which uses the Business Objects API to make call to CMS repository to get the schedule status of report. We can get the status as well as the failure message if it gets failed during scedhule. You will get all the API details in below link


      The application gets the prompt value from database and report name to schedule it. after schedule, it checks the status of it and if it is a success, then it creats pdf file and on failure, it update the table with error message from where it get the report prompts.

      Please let me know if you need anything else.

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      Former Member

      Hi Abhijit,

      We scheduled ETL job using 3rd party schedulers.Based on ETL job Success we have requirement to schedule webi reports from the scheduler.

      We have Linux scripts which we can run ETL jobs from 3rd party scheduler. Looking similar scripts or some SDK code for Webi Reports Schedule

      Let me know if you any Idea on this.



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      Rishikesh Sawant

      From where can I download this utility?