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Course guide “Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform” – week 2

Course Overview

ENROLL TO THE COURSE HERE (in case you haven’t, yet): Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform

You can find a list of the course guides for each week of this course in the corresponding parent project of this blog post.

Currently there is not much to add with regards to additional information. But once more questions pop-up in the forums I’ll add FAQs into here.

Please use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center or the corresponding openSAP forum for week 2 of this course to post your questions regarding the openSAP course.

Week 2: Git and HTML5 Apps – Part 1

In the second week of this course you learn how to leverage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to deploy HTML5 applications to the cloud. And all of this with a build-in Git repository for each of your HTML 5 applications. In case you haven’t used Git, yet, you get a good introduction into it.

Unit 1 – Introduction to HTML5 Applications and Git

Unit 2 – Creating a Hello World HTML5 Application

This unit shows how to create a simple Hello World HTML5 applications on the platform.

Common issues

Error after commit and push

Most likely you confirgured a wrong email adress or name in your git settings. Make sure hat you use the email adress which is assigned to your SCN user (SAP ID). To correct this got to the git configuration settings in eclipse   (Windows –> Preferences, search for git) and correct to email adress and name.

As you have already created a commit, you must also fix the email adress in the commit: Go to the “Git Staging” view and press the “Ammend previous commit” Button. Now you can fix author and commit name. It should be in the format “firstname lastname <email>”. Now press “Commit and Push”.

Unit 3 – Git Basics

In this unit Git is introduced and you get some basics around the usage of Git.

Unit 4 – Using SAPUI5 in Your HTML5 Application

With this unit you get an introduction to SAPUI5. In an exercise the initial application is improved.

Common issues

Missing additional resources for week2 unit 4

There is an issue with the link for the additional resources for week 2 unit 4. Until this is fixed you can use the direct link to the resource.

Unit 5 – Using a REST Service in Your HTML5 Application

In the last unit of this week we introduce the consumption of REST services on HTML5 apps.

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  • Hi Rui

    I keep getting the email address miss match no matter what email I put in the GIT Config. It says the case is not the same, even though i used the same case. Below is the error. I changed the email address, but its basically complaining about the Caps in the first and last name. I tried both combinations and its still complaining the same error. Can you please help me with this issue.


    invalid committer

    Processing changes: refs: 1, done   

    ERROR:  In commit 9c1df0f5b195b39269a1060588299461c0b3f3a5

    ERROR:  committer email address

    ERROR:  does not match your user account.


    ERROR:  The following addresses are currently registered:



    ERROR:  To register an email address, please visit:




    • Hi Rui

      To add to it, when I created a new app everything worked fine. It looks like one of my old commits in the old project has an invalid email address. If i use "Amend Previous Comment", it doesn't lets me go to the initial commit. It goes to just one previous one.