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MMForum: Digitalization:A Boon For The Metal And Mining Industry.

How Can Digitalization And The Internet Of Things Change The Working Environment And Efficiency In The Metals And Mining Industry?

Digitalization-a word of the 21st century with which all of us must be familiar with but have we ever pondered over or gave a thought over how digitalization in the past decade has reduced our complexities and provided solutions to inumerous problems our life?. Simply Joining words and putting them together, we can define digitalization as “Integration Of Digital Technologies Into Everyday Life By Digitization Of Everything That Can Be Digitized.” It would be a very common perception for all of us to feel that digitalization is bounded and restricted to only IT Industry and machines involving microprocessors and chips but the truth lies behind the fact that digitalization can be incorporated and mashed up with everything around us and it is nothing to wonder that Metal And Mining Industry is not left behind and as expected has lent out its arms to accept the world of digitalization.

I, a student Of B.Tech, Mining Engineering from one of the prestigious mining institutes of the world –I.S.M.,Dhanbad, India express my enthusiasm and desire to discuss with u all , the impact of digitalization in the international corporate arena.

Manufacturing In Metal And Mining Industry has  been able to survive in the market by continually innovating and adopting new technologies .This has been observable since the industrial revolution (and arguably, back to ancient times),where scale-production and new technologies enabled continual cost savings. In The past century or so,manufacturing was impacted by breakthroughs in mining technology and vastly improved infrastructure and communications. The opening of emerging markets since the 1980s and 1990s had changed the focus for a number of years to globalization and exploitation of low cost labor in emerging regions for so-called “competitive advantage”,with innovation taking a lesser role for a period.

The various technologies which would turn out to be a boon for the mining industry would be Global Positioning Systems(GPS) inside the mines, Robots augmented with improved sensing, connectivity, gripping, 3D visioning allowing them to handle multiple tasks to handle at the same time. In mining industries of the developed countries robotics, automation and remote control centers that reduce the human effort and break the constraints of resources having to be in physical,often remote locations.

Now, my dear esteemed readers I would like to share with you some statistics, references, facts and figures which will make you ponder over the issue I have discussed in my blog above.


Concluding with my blog, I am in no doubt that digitalization will not only enhance the outlook of the metals and mining industries but would also contribute to booming up of the GDP of that nation in which it is being practised in as digitalization will enable and open up new ways of interacting with customers, suppliers and partners and it is also worthy to note that any additional labor caused by the use of robotics would likely be used for future new products and services, as is evident in industrial history. Also, increased population growth would add economic strength to countries employing proven effective technologies.

THANK YOU!!!! To all for reading such a big blog (though informative, isn’t it? Hahaha!!).I hope it would have made you aware what good digitalization has done to our metals and mining industry.

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