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HR Renewal 2.0 Initial Shipment Released for General Availability

On June 20th, the ramp-up phase for HR Renewal 2.0 Initial Shipment was successfully completed. It is now released for General Availability (GA). A GA Care program was set up until August 29th 2014 to support ramp-up customers and offer development support for customers who participate in the voluntary GA Care program.

HR Renewal 2.0 Initial Shipment contains the following enhancements:

  • Personnel & Organization: Additional country versions
    With the business function HCM, Personnel & Organization Countries (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_59), country versions of employee master data were delivered for
    • Argentina
    • Finland
    • South Korea
    • Sweden
    • Taiwan
    • Venezuela
  • Service: Substitution lane and applications based on SAPUI5
    The business function Service on SAP UI5 2 (technical name HCM_MSS_UI5_2) delivers a UI5 based substitution lane enabling managers to substitute workflow based approvals, non-workflow based approvals, and applications to other users in the organization. It also provides a re-designed, UI5 based Working Time Approval which can be accessed from the Approvals lane.
    For additional information and screenshots, see also What’s New in MSS HR Renewal 2.0
  • Payroll & Integration: Replication of employee master data from SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM
    The business function HCM, Employee Master Data Replication Employee Central to HR (technical name HCM_SFEC_MDEC2HR) enables the update of SAP ERP master data from the SuccessFactors Employee Central system (for details see business function documentation), the display of pay statements in the Employee Central system, and the display of pay specific employee master data in the Employee Central system.


  • Payroll International: New Payroll Control Center
    The business function HCM, Payroll Data Source Framework (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_62) can be used to activate the Payroll Data Source Framework to configure checks according to a customer’s payroll business processes.
    For additional information and screenshots, see also Improve payroll data validation with SAP Payroll control center add-on
  • Payroll – Various Countries: Retrofit of add-on Payroll country versions to SAP ERP Central Components
    Retrofit of add-on Payroll country versions to SAP ERP Central Component The business function HCM, Retrofit of Add-On Payroll Country Versions to ERP Central Components ECC (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_65) can be used to run payroll using the localized payroll functions of the above mentioned country-specific payroll country versions.
  • Payroll China: Payroll renewal and total payment management

The business function HCM, Total Payment Management for China (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_55) allows to manage the total payment budget for an organization, and if necessary, sub organizations, from the organizational unit level in the system. Organization headquarters can plan and distribute the total payment budget from the top down, and managers can monitor the total payment usage calculated from the result of the payroll run.

  • Payroll Japan: Sexagesimal time reporting and overtime check
    The business function  HCM, Localization of Time Recording for Japan (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_53) enables sexagesimal time format (HH:MM format) in employee time recording and display. It allows to process employee’s time data in time evaluation and payroll calculation in the sexagesimal format. The system also checks if the recorded hours are in compliant with the specifications in the 36 Agreement.

  • Payroll Portugal: Payroll topics for the Portuguese banking sector
    The business function HCM, Payroll Topics for the Portuguese Banking Sector (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_61)can be used to run payroll-related functionalities that are specific to the banking sector in Portugal, i.e. calculation of family allowances and the calculation and reporting of deductions for SAMS (Serviços de Assistência Médico-Social).

Additional information is available here

For HR Renewal 2.0, we are planning quarterly feature pack (FP) shipments similarly to the deliveries for HR Renewal 1.0 (where we had an initial shipment plus 4 feature packs). FP 1 of HR Renewal 2.0 is planned for July.

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