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Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas

ERP on HANA Trial Experiences – includes BI, Fiori, Lumira Server and More

Today (less than 2 or so hours ago) I started the ERP on HANA Trial.  You can do this yourself by going to

Be sure you have an Amazon Access Key and Secret Key before starting. 

There is also a great tutorial to follow, parts of which I share here.  When you first launch the Fiori Launchpad using the trial, you first see the following screen:


One part of the tutorial takes you through the typical procure to pay (MM) and SD cycles.

ME28 vs FIORI.png

The above is the purchase order approval screen.  As we learned in DJ Adams Understanding SAP Fiori Webinar – The Director’s Cut webcast, the “Approve” button is semantically green, meaning “go”, red/reject means “stop”, etc.

Compare that with today’s ME28 screen back in ERP:


This screen would require some training for the procurement manager.

fiori va01.png

The above is the sales order screen in the Fiori.  It is unrecognizable from today’s normal VA01/VA03 transactions:


looks like design studio.png

In checking the material availability part of the tutorial (you can see we have 60 item shortage in red) some of the icons reminded me of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio


Above Fiori screen shows I created a purchase order to fulfill the material shortage.  It is nice to see the graphic reflect that too.

approve po.png

The purchase order is approved in the above screen.  In the tutorial you then receive the items (MIGO) and create the invoice (MIRO).

track po.png

The above Fiori screen shows the purchase order status – the invoice is blocked for payment.  It is an easy screen to read, and I wonder how many questions this screen would resolve in companies today – calls about “what is the status of my PO?  Where is the invoice?  Why haven’t I been paid”.


The next part of the tutorial takes us to the Goods Receipt / Invoice Receipt monitor.  As an accountant and having supported GRIR processes – all I can say is WOW.  I believe accountants will love this screen.  It looks so easy.

Here is what MR11/Maintain GR/IR clearing looks like today:


There are lots of tips/tricks to make things simple but still, it is not an easy screen to read.

Another part of the ERP on HANA tutorial takes you to SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Server (1.15) to read the profitability report:



Then you logon to the BI launchpad to run the BI reports (such as Crystal, Design Studio) against HANA Live views:


There is also a Production Planning part of the tutorial – I skipped that, since we are not using that module today.

It takes about 45 minutes to activate the instance, but then the tutorial is very easy to follow along and use.  I encourage you to check it out at SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA | Cross Industry | Aerospace & Defense | Industries | SAP HANA Marketplace

I like the way these cloud trials are set up – I am not a technical / BASIS / developer type, and I was able to easily follow the steps.  I see these trials as self-service trials, and it is a nice way to get your hands on things like Fiori, the GRIR cockpit, Lumira Server, and more.


Intersted in FIORI ? See it in Action ……

“SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA” 30 Day Trial… and what is next?

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      Author's profile photo M. Stitselaar
      M. Stitselaar

      Hi Tammy,

      Very nice and informative blog.

      One remark: the first link is not working (follow the instructions here)

      Best regards, Marco

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marco - you are right, looks like you need to be logged into CAL to see the instructions, so I removed the link.

      Thank you for telling me (and thank you for reading)


      Author's profile photo Mike Howles
      Mike Howles

      Tanmy those icons should remind you of SAP Design Studio for good reason since they are both from the same SAP-Icons Font set. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      I am only now looking at those technical details, Michael  - good point 🙂

      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger

      Hi Tammy,

      this is awesome. Thank you for doing that. I really love the way you adopt the "old" world to the new.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks a lot for this post. I was looking into some way to take a look at what SAP HANA has to offer and what SAP Fiori looks like and this is perfect!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for this information. Really interesting.


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Thank you for posting, Tammy! Sorry for a possibly stupid question - does this also require Amazon Cloud services at 3+ bucks per hour?

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, it is about $2.60 per hour

      But I breezed through it in 2 hours 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Tammy,

      Sorry that I am new to this pricing model, does it mean although the ERP HANA application is free of charge, we will still have to pay AWS for some charges on use of the cloud infrastructure?

      So in real world, the user will be paying separately for both SAP and AWS licenses, do I understand this right?

      Thanks a lot,


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jimmy - remember this is a trial - so in this trial I only paid for AWS charges.

      If you want to discuss pricing models/license costs, perhaps ask this question as a discussion - I can't answer that, as I am a customer, or contact your SAP account representative.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Tammy,

      That already helps.


      Author's profile photo Frank Schuler
      Frank Schuler

      Hello Tammy,

      did you experience any connection problems during your trial? We seem to be connecting perfectly fine to the Business Objects instance/server but get a connection refused from the ERP/HANA instance/server.

      Any insight into this woudl be very much appreciated.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Frank - I had no issues connecting...I recommend creating a new discussion in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) space or checking out the FAQ here SAP Cloud Appliance Library - FAQ

      Author's profile photo Gabriel Schroedter
      Gabriel Schroedter

      Is there a list of the Fiori apps that are included with the trial?

      I'm assuming this is the one that can be found at at this link

      Is the full list of Fiori apps available and the page just not updated?

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gabriel - thank you for reading.

      It has been a while since I posted this, so I recommend creating a new discussion in the forum to ask this question.