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Understanding SAP Fiori Webinar – The Director’s Cut

Yesterday Brenton O’Callaghan and I hosted a public webinar “Understanding SAP Fiori“, which was well attended and also a lot of fun to do. There was never going to be enough time to cover all the stuff we wanted to, so today we sat down together and followed up on what we covered in the webinar.

We recorded it as a Google+ Hangout and published it on YouTube.

Here are some of the things that we covered:

  • SAP Fiori transactional app design
  • master detail patterns with responsive containers
  • the structure of a transactional app
  • components, with routing and the visible control
  • the responsive container and its aggregations
  • semantic colours for Buttons and other controls
  • responsive design and the demandPopin property
  • the SplitApp modes
  • examining the S2 and S3 views
  • extension points

plus a small update to the SAP Fiori App Analysis app – select an app from the list to get a popup with more information, including a link to the official SAP docu for the selected app. (For more background on this app, see another short video “The SAP Fiori App Analysis application” also on YouTube.)

It was a fun 30+ minutes, we hope you enjoy it too!

Bluefin Solutions – Understanding SAP Fiori Webinar Followup

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