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If you are having trouble connecting to SAP BW via SSO directly from Lumira Desktop 1.17 / 1.17.1 64-bit version, please try the following:

  1. From SAPnote 352295(, download the attached file
  2. Unzip to some location, note the full path to the extracted file gx64krb5.dll
  3. Set the User Environment Variable SNC_LIB_64 to the full path of the extracted gx64krb5.dll (eg. SNC_LIB_64=c:\ssolibs\win64sso\ gx64krb5.dll).

          Set it by going to Run -> SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe, then click “Environment Variables”.


SSO to BW.png

Try to connect to BW again.

SSO to BW from 32-bit version of Lumira should work without requiring this step.

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    1. Henry Banks

      please could you open a separate thread with info/screenshots about the error. also, if you have a support contract for lumira, you can go via OSS .

  1. Kevin Geiger

    Stein, would you be willing to share what you did to resolve?  I’m having no luck with the above instructions either.  Get the “Unknown Error” message.  I just downloaded version 1.19.0

    Best Regards

    Keivn Geiger

    1. Former Member

      I have same “unknown error” running 1.25 with sso.  Oss note/incident opened with SAP but no solution.   I hope the new release at the end of Q2 will address it, but at this point, we cannot deploy due to this problem.

  2. Former Member

    Hey guys,

    in Lumira Desktop, version 1.20 (I have not tried version 1.21 yet) there is a button which says “Authenticate by Operating System (SSO)” when I try to set up a connection to HANA.

    I can perfectly login with my user credentials, but I am interessted to implement SSO in this scenario.

    Do you now if that is supposed to work? Is there any documentation on that feature (I wasn`t able to find anything).

    Thx for your help.



  3. Christian Cohrs

    The solution mentioned in SAP note 352295 is no longer recommended by SAP (as mentioned in the note). If you decide to start a new SSO implementation, then you should rather have a look at some still supported solution, such as SAP’s own product SAP Single Sign-On.

    Best regards,


      1. Christian Cohrs

        Note 2115486 is about the same technology as 352295, this component is no longer developed. Information about the product SAP Single Sign-On is available at .

        Please note that my comment is about the guidance given in the blog. I’m not saying that just by switching to an up-to-date product your problem will go away. However I wouldn’t invest too much time trying to make this old component work.

        Best regards,


        1. Former Member

          I have the same problem but I use SAP solution and when my incident was opened and the support ask me to apply I told them it is obsolete.  Up today the SSO still does not work.  SAP claims at the second quarter release will fix a lot of problems with BW connection.  I just keep my figures crossed.

            1. Former Member

              Hi Stein, our problem was resolved by downloading the latest SSO patch5 (SAPSetupSLC05_1-10012580.exe) and it works after I reinstalled it.


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