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SSO to SAP BW from Lumira Desktop 1.17 / 1.17.1 64-bit version

If you are having trouble connecting to SAP BW via SSO directly from Lumira Desktop 1.17 / 1.17.1 64-bit version, please try the following:

  1. From SAPnote 352295(, download the attached file
  2. Unzip to some location, note the full path to the extracted file gx64krb5.dll
  3. Set the User Environment Variable SNC_LIB_64 to the full path of the extracted gx64krb5.dll (eg. SNC_LIB_64=c:\ssolibs\win64sso\ gx64krb5.dll).

          Set it by going to Run -> SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe, then click “Environment Variables”.


SSO to BW.png

Try to connect to BW again.

SSO to BW from 32-bit version of Lumira should work without requiring this step.

SSO to BW.png
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  • Stein, would you be willing to share what you did to resolve?  I'm having no luck with the above instructions either.  Get the "Unknown Error" message.  I just downloaded version 1.19.0

    Best Regards

    Keivn Geiger

    • I have same "unknown error" running 1.25 with sso.  Oss note/incident opened with SAP but no solution.   I hope the new release at the end of Q2 will address it, but at this point, we cannot deploy due to this problem.

  • Hey guys,

    in Lumira Desktop, version 1.20 (I have not tried version 1.21 yet) there is a button which says "Authenticate by Operating System (SSO)" when I try to set up a connection to HANA.

    I can perfectly login with my user credentials, but I am interessted to implement SSO in this scenario.

    Do you now if that is supposed to work? Is there any documentation on that feature (I wasn`t able to find anything).

    Thx for your help.



  • The solution mentioned in SAP note 352295 is no longer recommended by SAP (as mentioned in the note). If you decide to start a new SSO implementation, then you should rather have a look at some still supported solution, such as SAP's own product SAP Single Sign-On.

    Best regards,


      • Note 2115486 is about the same technology as 352295, this component is no longer developed. Information about the product SAP Single Sign-On is available at .

        Please note that my comment is about the guidance given in the blog. I'm not saying that just by switching to an up-to-date product your problem will go away. However I wouldn't invest too much time trying to make this old component work.

        Best regards,


        • I have the same problem but I use SAP solution and when my incident was opened and the support ask me to apply I told them it is obsolete.  Up today the SSO still does not work.  SAP claims at the second quarter release will fix a lot of problems with BW connection.  I just keep my figures crossed.