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How to install HANA Studio on Mac OSX using an Update Site

** Update – The steps below are no longer needed as an official SAP OSX HANA Studio Client is now available. This can be obtained from the software downloads in the SAP support portal **

1. Download

Download Eclipse 4.3.2 64-bit for Mac Cocoa from

Eclipse Download Site.png

For this I used the following link, but many other mirrors are available.

2. Extract

Extract the .tar.gz and move into an appropriate location such as inside the Mac Applications folder.

3. Start Eclipse

3.1 You may receive a pop-up becuase it is has been downloaded from an unidentified developer. If so you should go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, and click on button Open anyway.

Download from the Internet.png

3.2 You may also receive a pop to allow incoming connects. Choose Allow if you receive this.

Incoming Connections.png

4. Configure Eclipse

From the the Eclipse Menu choose

Eclipse, Preferences

In the Search box type “Update”

Eclipse Preferences.png

5. Add HANA Update Site

You can now add your HANA Update Site, now I know you may not know what this is.  It follows the format http://<host>:80<instance_number>

I haven’t configured my own update site but I do know that you can also use the HANA OnDemand Tools site which currently contains Hana Studio Revision 81

Choose Add and then one of the public URLs is

While your here you can also add the HANA Answers plugin too if you like using the URL

6. Configure Proxy (optional)

If like me you work at SAP and are on the SAP-Corporate network then to connect to this site you will need to configure the proxy.

This is also an Eclipse Preference. You will need to specify it as Manual and the the host is and the port is 8080.

Beware if you add I proxy you will probably need to restart Eclipse for the change to take effect.

Eclipse Proxy Settings.png

6. Install SAP HANA Tools Software

You can now install the HANA Studio addinfor Eclipse from the update site that you have just configured.

Choose >> Help, Install Software

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 13.44.32.png

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 13.47.50.png

Enter the name of the Update Site that you have just configured in the search box such as HANA and then it will autocomplete for you.

You can select the appropriate tools to install.

Eclipse .png

You will need to accept the license agreement and choose next.

During installation you will receive a security warning, you need to choose OK to this

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 13.52.46.png

7. Restart Eclipse

You will then have to restart Eclipse for the HANA Tools to be available.

On restart you may receive a warning to allow incoming connections.  Choose Allow.

Incoming Connections.png

You should now have HANA Studio for Mac installed.

Open the perspective Modeler and you should now be in a familiar place in HANA Studio.

Hana Studio Quick Launch.png

From SP8 Onwards Mac is now a supported Platform

For official information related to HANA SP8 and the Mac version you can see the  SAP Note 2004651

Let me know how you get on with HANA Studio on Mac. 🙂

Cheers, Ian.

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      Author's profile photo Jorge Weiss
      Jorge Weiss

      Thanks a lot!


      Author's profile photo Denys Kempen
      Denys Kempen

      For those interested, I also added a tutorial video to the SAP HANA Academy, part of the playlist on SAP HANA SPS 08 - installations

      SAP HANA Academy - SAP HANA installation: 5. Studio on Mac OS X - YouTube



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      A couple of things that need to be made more clear:

      1)  Before all this begins you need an up-to-date  working version of Java which can be non-trivial on a Mac unless you select the JDK for installation.  Simply installing the JRE essentially does nothing on a Mac and Eclipse won't even start the install.  Installing the JDK properly updates the environment so that Eclipse sees the new Java. (Reboot recommended).

      2)  There are a bunch of URLs for HANA tools but most of them only have the "Cloud Tools"  which I am sure do wonderful things but they have little or nothing to do with database development.  Currently only the Kepler site (as shown) has the DB tools and it needs to be used even if you are installing on 4.4 (Luna).  If you use it for pre-Kepler versions it won't work at all (dependency problems).


      Author's profile photo Ian Henry
      Ian Henry
      Blog Post Author

      From HANA Revision 82 onwards there is an official packaged OSX Mac HANA Studio version for download.  The steps detailed here are therefore no longer necessary.

      Cheers, Ian.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung

      Where exactly did you come by your information that SAP no longer supports Mac OSX for Studio? The download is up to date (Rev93) on the Service Marketplace:


      You are an SAP employee making product availability statements on a public website; therefore you have a responsibility to make sure those statements are accurate.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Thomas, for the link, and pointing the correction. Yes I have downloaded this via the above link earlier