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SAP HANA Idea Incubator – Hana & exception Aggregation

Hi Hana-guru’s,

I’m making my first steps in Hana developments in the hana studio and I’m quiet struggling with the need of having exception aggregation on my key figures.  Does someone know a good way how to treat this?


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  • Hi Koen

    there is no equal feature available in SAP HANA modeling.

    Depending on your actual requirement you can create a similar aggregation with scripted calc. views.

    Window functions are popular examples here.

    So, if you provide more information on what precisely you want to achieve, we might be able to give you hints.

    - Lars

      • Hmm... well, the point for SAP is not to replace every OLAP feature with a similar feature in SAP HANA.

        Currently SAP HANA and SAP BW will continue to exist in parallel and I am not aware of any changes to this planning in the short/medium term.

        As I said: let us know what kind of modelling problem you face and you'll surely get input to that here.

        - Lars

        • Hi Lars,

          I understand, but in our case we are doing a POC of replacing BW with Hana (ECC on Hana).  For Purchasing I had to combine data from Header, Item, Item History and HR data together.  I managed to do so by "aggregating my data to Item level"  But it would be nice to stay on account assignement level and have an exception aggregation on my net value on item level.



          • And that is something that you can achieve on different ways.

            E.g. you can have two separate aggregation "channels" in your calc. view - one that aggregates on item level and one that keeps your account assignment aggregation.

            Using JOIN/UNION you can re-combine the data before the final output.

            As you are definitively not the first "we replace SAP BW with HANA" project, I reckon you will find plenty answers to your questions here.

            - Lars

          • Hi Jody,

            Thanks, it is indeed a very good article about this idea.  But his conclusion is that his solution is not the ideal solution.  So it strongest my point, that there is an interest for this feature and it would be a great advantage to have it working smoothly.



  • Now I'm playing with Design Studio directly on Hana and nice features as : Conditions, Customer exit variables are really hard to replace.  I hope SAP will add this to the DS on Hana- flow.  I wonder where SAP will add those features, will Hana be more BI frontend enabled or will DS develop in more than just a new WAD.  Exciting times 🙂