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Update SAP Lumira Server 1.17 & New Features

In this previous blog How to install SAP Lumira Server, Publish Datasets and Stories I showed you how easy it is to install SAP Lumira Server and how to publish data sets and stories.

On the 13th of June SAP has released the latest version of SAP Lumira: 1.17. As announced earlier 1.16 is skipped and in this blog I will show you how to update your SAP Lumira Server install and some of the new features introduced.

Please make sure you check all the prerequisites mentioned in the SAP Lumira Server Installation Guide, chapter 1. One of the prerequisites is that the SAP HANA Application Function Library (AFL) for the self-service analytics component, called the Self-Service Analytics Library (SAL), must be installed on your SAP HANA server.

If you are upgrading from SAP HANA SP07 rev. 74 with AFL installed, you must do a one-time migration for the SAP HANA Self-Service Analytics Library described in SAP Note 2004951. While writing this blog I was unable to find the described software component at the location described on the SAP Service Marketplace. Instead I performed a search on ‘SELF-SERVICE ANALYTICS AFL’.


UPDATE 21-06-2014: The AFL component is now available at the location mentioned in the documentation!


I already upgraded the HANA database to SPS08 rev. 80 prior to installing SAP Lumira Server. Both rev. 74 and rev. 80 versions of the AFL where listed. I uninstalled rev. 74 which also uninstalled rev. 80. Final step was reinstalling the downloaded .SAR file to install the SAP SAL AFL for HANA component. I performed this action via the SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager from the SAP HANA Studio with the ‘Add Application Function Library (AFL)’ option.

After finalizing the installation of the SAP SAL AFL for HANA component as described in SAP Note 2004951 we can start with installing SAP Lumira Server.

Make sure you download the software from the following location on the SAP Service Marketplace: ‘SAP Software Download Center’ – ‘Installations and Upgrades’ – ‘L’ – ‘SAP LUMIRA SERVER’ – ‘SAP LUMIRA SERVER 1’ – ‘Installation’. Here you find the file called: 51048356


First step to install SAP Lumira Server is to start your HANA Studio. Please select the system on which you want to deploy SAP Lumira Server and right-click to select ‘Lifecycle Management’ – ‘Platform Lifecycle Management’ – ‘SAP HANA lifecycle manager’.

You may be prompted to logon with your <SID>adm account and password to get access to the ‘Lifecycle Management’ tab.


Click on ‘Deploy HANA Content’.


Select the appropriate option applicable to your situation and click ‘Next’.

Browse to the location where you downloaded the .ZIP file from SAP MarketPlace.


The file will be uploaded. When this is completed click ‘Next’.


As you can see here the Current version is 1.015.0 and the Target version will be 1.017.0. Here you can also see that SAP SAP AFL FOR HANA is mentioned as System components under ‘SAP LUMIRA SERVER 1’. In my previous blog out installing SAP Lumira Server 1.15 the SAP HANA AFL was listed under the ‘SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0’.

Click ‘Next’.


Click ‘Run’.


The content will now be deployed.


After a succesfull deployment click ‘Close’.

Next step is to create administration users in order to proceed with the configuration. In the SAP HANA Studio you can create a new user, for instance LUMIRACONFIG, or use an existing user and assign the following roles:



We also need a ‘technical’ user and assign this role:



In chapter 3.1 of the SAP Lumira Server Installation Guide more information can be found on the User rights and roles.

UPDATE 23-06-2014: If you have SAP Fiori running please read this excellent blog Simplified SAP Lumira Server Feature Configuration from Christina Obry how to utilize the simplified setup via the SAP Fiori launchpad.


Something which is not documented in the SAP Lumira Server Installation Guide ist that you need to configure the SQL connection.

The prequisite for this step is that the HANA user has the following roles assigned:

  • sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::RuntimeConfAdministrator
  • sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::SQLCCAdministrator

Open the SAP HANA admin URL: http://<HOSTNAME>:80<INSTANCE>/sap/hana/xs/admin/

Enter your credentials and click ‘Login’.


Browse to ‘sap’ – ‘bi’ – ‘sa’ – ‘db’ – ‘connections’.

Click on ‘TechnicalConnection.xssqlcc’ and fill in the user that has the ‘’ assigned to it. Click ‘Save’.


A message at the left bottom of the screen will tell you whether the value is succesfully saved. At the top right corner please logout.

In the SAP Lumira What’s New guide you can find what’s new and changed in Lumira Server 1.17 in chapter 3.2. One of the most interesting new features of SAP Lumira Server 1.17 is the ability to author and edit stories. You can edit an existing story or create new stories from the datasets you have access to. When you open a dataset you can create customized charts in the new Visualize tab. You can also add multiple charts, images, and text to your story layout in the new Compose tab.

I will show you how you can create new stories or edit existing ones.

Login to SAP Lumira Server.


In my previous blog I created a simple story which I want to edit.

Click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Edit’.


The story is displayed in edit mode.


Let’s switch to the ‘Visualize’ tab on the top of the screen and click on ‘+’ at the bottom to add a new visualization.


I created a simple Bubble Chart and saved the visualization.


Let’s switch to the ‘Compose’ tab and drag-and-drop this new visualization into the story.


Now let’s go back to the launchpad of SAP Lumira Server and view the updated story.


You can continue to explore all the new possibilities with this new great SAP Lumira Server 1.17 release!

Thanks for reading this blog and please let me know if you have any questions!

With kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken

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  • Thanks for the post Martijn.  We're installing 1.17 with the help of this blog.  One question....

    Where is the "LUMIRACONFIG" user utilized?  Is that the db user for BI Lumira plug-in?



  • Hi Martijn,

    After I updated HANA to rev 80, and try to add AFL plugin by performing the action via the SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager from the SAP HANA Studio with the 'Add Application Function Library (AFL)' option, I got errror mesg that says "Add application function library (AFL) failed,. The execution of hdbinst failed. For more details see the log files"".. It seems like sidadm (who starts HLM) doesn't have the permission to run hdbinst?   I also tried to follow note  2004951 and tried ./hdblcm --action=update --component_dirs=/<download path>/SAP_SAL_AFL_FOR_HANA --sid=<SID>, but apparently the action update is no longer supported.

    Do you know what can be the issue?



    • Never mind. I fixed it by using the hdblcm inside the IMDB_SERVER100_80_0.SAR instead of the one in the shared dir. thanks for your thorough document.

  • Dear Experts,

    I got an error during the upgrade sap lumira. "Required component is not found in the list of deployed component." After that I deployed required component but this error does not disappear. I am following sap note " 2103854 - UAL: Installation of UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS AFL 1.0 SP 301 or higher".

    Sap lumira version: 1.020.0  

    SAP SAL AFL FOR HANA version:


    I want to upgrade lumira version is 1.028

    Is there any suggestion ?


    Best Regards,