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Resolving CMS database inconsistency in SAP Business Objects using query builder

Many a times CMS database in Business Objects can become inconsistent resulting in issues while logging in. While repository diagnostic tool can be used to point out the inconsistencies, some of them need to be resolved by query designer tool. One such issue and it’s resolution has been described below having exceptions related to SI_APPLIED_PROPERTIES at the time of logging in.

Encountering below error while trying to login into BO BI 4.0. Issue happened during login into CMC as well as launchpad. Please find below the snap-shot of the error,


The CMS database somehow got inconsistent. Firing the following query in the Business Objects Query Builder,


This resulted in the following 3 infoobjects being returned




Make a note of the SI_CUID value for each of the three returned info-objects. Then use these SI_CUID to delete the entries from the database

delete from cms_infoobjects7 where si_cuid in

The stale entries in the CMS database pointing to DFO files are removed. Now you can successfully login into CMC and launchpad.

Please Note :

1. The url for query builder is http://[ServerIP]:[Port]/AdminTools/querybuilder/ie.jsp You can give host name also instead of server IP if you are using the local terminal server. Also you can check what all files are present in you Tomcat directory structure inside the host where the Tomcat web application server is installed for BO.

2. This issue is not release specific as CMS database can become inconsistent irrespective of product releases.

3. SAP was supposed to release a KBA for this issue, though I didn’t found any. Somewhat identical issue has been captured in SAP KBA# 1563662.

4. While firing the delete query you might need the owner of the table name cms_infoobjects7. Use the query, select owner from dba_tables where table_name=”ÇMS_INFOOBJECTS7′

Once owner is retrieved you can use the CMS schema name in front of the table name to fire the delete query in oracle.

Finally, COMMIT is a strong word. Don’t forget to communicate the same to Oracle. 🙂



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