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SAP Lumira Server 1.17 and Lumira add-on to BI 4.1 platform pre-requisites

Hi Everyone

What a week! Between 2014 World Cup and Lumira 1.17 GA, I can barely keep my head straight!

By now you should be able to access on SMP:

  • SAP Lumira 1.17 for your desktop
  • SAP Lumira Server 1.17
  • SAP Lumira Cloud, updated to the latest release

In the next day or two, please expect to see on SMP the Lumira add-on component for BI 4.1 platform. The official name of this component is:

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI, add-on for SAP Lumira

In this release, SAP Lumira Server requires updates to your HANA system. Please also ensure to check the PAM (Product Availability Matrix) document and release restriction notes before you start.

SAP Lumira Server 1.17 requires:

  • SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 (rev 80)
    • Make sure SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager (SAP HANA LCM) is installed on your HANA server box
    • Make sure SAP HANA Studio 1.0 SP8 is installed on the administrator’s client OS and can connect to your HANA server
  • SAP SAL AFL component – SAP HANA Application Function Library (AFL) for the Self-serviceAnalytics Library (SAL) component
  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.17 to publish datasets and stories

SAP BusinessObjects BI, add-on for SAP Lumira (a.k.a Lumira add-on) requires:

  • SAP Lumira Server 1.17, which requires components listed above including SAP HANA 1.0 SP8
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP3 platform
  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.17 to publish datasets and stories

Here is the landscape view of how the Lumira add-on component connects the servers behind the scene.


Here is the view on required install components, including necessary sub components of SAP HANA.


We understand that installation of SAP HANA adds complexity to your deployment planning and thank you for taking your time and initiatives to post AWESOME step-by-step instructions and sharing your experience. We are also working on coming up with a summarized pre-flight checklist to be used in conjuntion with product documentation and with the additional blogs.

Finally, we are aware of your feedback inquiring why you need HANA to integrate Lumira to BI 4.  Simply said, it is the fastest way we can bring the capabilities built on Lumira Server into the BI 4 environment with minimum delay and gaps while taking advantage of the power that HANA can offer. In the future, you can look forward to enjoying more Lumira capabilities within your BI 4 infrastructure. We understand that not every organization is ready to deploy HANA today. We are also carefully looking into various ways to make your SAP and Lumira experience simpler for you.  We just want to let you know that everything you tell us is being heard and thought through.

Looking forward to hearing more from you about your experience and application of SAP Lumira 1.17!

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  • Thank you, Sharon,

    For this article, information and hope that some day SAP Lumira might be available in BI Platform without SAP HANA as currently it's very hard to explain to my Clients why SAP Lumira is still not integrated into BI Platform in the same manner as SAP Design Studio is and why we still cannot use SAP Lumira in it's full potential.

    Best regards,


    • I agree with the sentiments expressed so far.

      As far as my clients are concerned, we will not be providing any information or support on this product until it becomes fully integrated with the BI Platform, without HANA.

      It will not be fair to them when we know we can not make the significant investment required to fully support all the features and functionality.

    • 110% agree.  I understand they wrote the Lumira processing piece in HANA XS Application platform, but this alienates a large portion of the customer base.  The very fact that that Lumira Desktop works on a mere workstation further reinforces my lack of understanding of why this super powerful HANA tech is required, aside from someone deciding to write it on HANA.

    • it seems like not too much has changed till then...even now in Lumira desktop 1.28 I'm keeping to get same troubles with a large part of customers would like to leverage lumira potential features and presentation without hana installation! Bad!

  • Hi All

    Update. Lumira add-on installation is released under the ramp-up program so that we have an opportunity to work closely the early adopters and act on feedback. Anyone with the BI platform license can participate in the ramp-up and you will be approved without any gating process.

    This add on installation will be made available in several locations on SMP. Right now it is available in one location:


    It is also expected to be found here, too but the software has not been mapped to the link yet.


    • Hi Sharon,

      I will sign-up for the ramp-up so I can provide early feedback and get access to the software!

      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken

      • Hi Martijn

        Can you try now (I see that the link from ramp-up download is updated today) and if it's not working, can you tell me what you are seeing? My access to SMP is a bit different because I am from SAP so I cannot tell what problem you see.


        • Hi Sharon,

          The link has been updated correctly! I can now select SAP Lumira as 'Software Product' on the ramp-up request form. I submitted the form and hopefully I can download the software ASAP.

          Thanks for your help!

          With kind regards,

          Martijn van Foeken

        • Hi Sharon,

          I got a reply back from Stefan Sahm on both Lumira and Crystal Reports ramp-up that I didn't had a valid license. Can you help me here? We have full licenses for both BI and HANA.

          Thanks for your reply!

          With kind regards,

          Martijn van Foeken

  • Hi Sharon,

    same here, registration form now works, but we got also a replay from Stefan Sahm that we didn´t have a valid license. If I remember we had the same problems after the GA of Lumira Server.

    best regards,


  • When i try to publish my story from Lumira Desktop to SAPBI. I get an error 'Missing HANA Connection'. Are there any steps we need to complete on SAPBI (other than installing the Lumira add-on for SAPBI)


  • Hi,

    Still could not find this add-on in SMP.

    Is it still in ramp-up phase ?

    When will it be available for all custommers ?

    NB: I'm a SAP Partner

    If I well understand the 1st comments, SAP HANA is required for "SAP BO BI, add-on for SAP Lumira" even if we just need to publish Lumira "stories" on BI 4.1 LaunchPad ???

    Is it still true ?

    This is actually unthinkable for many clients !



      • And SAP HANA is required for "SAP BO BI, add-on for SAP Lumira" even if we just need to publish Lumira "stories" on BI 4.1 LaunchPad ???

        Incredible !


        • that's right, the processing stack for Lumira server (and cloud) is purely the HANA platform at this time.

          you can demonstrate a quick POC by using: free Lumira Cloud -> publish public URL story -> BI Launchpad -> BI Workspaces -> configure URL component

          that is similar, but no data governance.