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SAP BW 7.3 Configuration after installation of BW Part 1


This document contains the Configuration steps which are to be performed after installing SAP BW system.

Step1: Maintain the logical Systems

After installation, login to the 000 client and add the logical system entry.

Transaction BD54: Add all Logical systems which are in use


Step2: Defining Client in transaction code SCC4 or use below path to configure client


It will take you to below screen


Create new entries


  • Enter client number, name, logical system name, std currency, client role.

           For development system selects customizing

Changes and transports for client-specific objects

           For development system: “select Automatic recording of changes”

           For Quality/Production system: “No changes allowed”

Cross-client Object changes

           For development system: Changes to repository and cross-client Customizing allowed.


After creating the standard client, add the parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar in the instance profile and restart the system for the parameter to take effect. After the restart, you will be able to login to the standard client using the sap* user id   with the standard password.

Perform a client copy from 000 client to the standard client which you have created

T-code SCCL.


Schedule a background job to by giving the above input values.

Once the client copy is completed, perform a kernel upgrade to the latest level and then support pack upgrade.

Step3: RSADMINC (Customizing Table General BW) table configuration

Update the Table with below values:

INFOIDOCFRQ update with the value 10

IDOCPACKSIZE update with the value 30000

PSAPARTSIZE update with the value 1000000      

File name: BW_OLAP_CACHE

File name span: BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN







This table should have updated with User in source system for ALE communication – ALEREMOTE


Step4: ALEREMOTE settings for Background users

Set ALEREMOTE as the default setting for background users (table entry RSADMINA)



Activating the Software Component SAP_BW in the CVERS_ACT Table

You can use Function module “RS_SET_ACTIVE_COMPONENT_FLAG” in SE37 to set flag I_ACTIVE_FLAG = ‘X’


Step6: Preparing the BW System

Go to transaction code RSA1:

Start the Data Warehousing Workbench (transaction RSA1). When starting for the first time, the ‘myself source system’ is created automatically and table RSLOGSYSDEST is modified.


Step7: Activate Technical Content

When starting the Data Warehousing Workbench (transaction RSA1) for the first time, the content is activated automatically.


Step8: Set the BW Transport System as Default

Field TADIRPOPUP in table RSADMINS (System Settings) is set to “x”. With this entry, you define that the BW transport system is activated in the default system

In case of blank value the dialog prompting the user to enter a transport request does not appear when editing the objects.

Development system: As we need to record changes and collect into transport request, Field TADIRPOPUP in table RSADMINS should not
be blank.

This setting will work on top of SCC4 transport settings.


Step9: Defining the Recording Time for Transports

Go to->transaction code RSA1, click on transport connection.

Then Edit -> Transport -> Switch-on Standard.



Create job and schedules weekly once




Schedule report to clear the DTP buffer




Deleting Messages and Parameters of the BW Background



Step13: Metadata repository configuration

Prerequisite: The HTTP or HTTP(s) port needs to be open based on the usage. By default, metadata repository will open using HTTP protocol. In case if you want to launch metadata repository using HTTPS protocol, you can add the below ICM parameter in the instance profile using RZ10 T-code and restart the ICM in SMICM transaction.

Icm/HTTP/redirect_0            = PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http,
PROT=https, HOST=logicalsystem.FQDN, PORT=XXXX (HTTPS PORT NO)

Transaction code: STRUST

Activate SSL server Standard


SPRO -> Maintain web protocol HTTP/HTTPS.


Transaction code SICF: Activate service “rso_metadata_repository”


Metadata repository then launches fine in RSA1transaction.


Step14: Activate personalization content:

Create Development package with project specific naming convention using T-code SE21 or SE80.

Then activate the personalization content using SPRO transaction


Please refer the below link for Part 2 of this Configuration Process.

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi all,

      I am also writing a second part of this doc which will be shared soon.

      Please read and provide me feedback if any.



      Author's profile photo Prabhith Prabhakaran
      Prabhith Prabhakaran

      Very good document,

      Waiting for your second part...



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot Prabhith. It is mostly performed by Basis but we should be aware of the Process.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi there,

      Part 2 of this document published. Please follow the link in the end.

      Thank You.

      Author's profile photo Aparajit Banik
      Aparajit Banik

      Hi Vikrant,
      First of all its nice to know many configuration level concepts. Its new to me.
      But are these BASIS activities or BW Consultants also do perform such activities say if to start implementation from scratch?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi there,

      It more of Basis activities, but the reason of posting in BW space is just because these activities gives you more insight knowledge about configuration which makes the system ready for us.

      These configuration are actually very important, so its always better to cross check and see if everything is on place for us to work. Consultant at Lead position are pretty well aware of these configurations normally.



      Author's profile photo Aparajit Banik
      Aparajit Banik

      Surely will note all your words and groom myself  to  be a better BW consultant

      Author's profile photo Iheanyi Achareke
      Iheanyi Achareke


      I was just following your post to set up a BW system. the tables RSADMIN* are read only. how d you update them with new values?


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      Former Member

      Pretty useful´╝ü

      I am following this document to deal with my system.