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Esri which is a mapping software helps you understand and visualize data to make decisions based on the insights from geo-charts.

With Esri Maps integrated in SAP Lumira you can now enable your  geo-business data with intuitive mapping and analytical tools. You will quickly discover new patterns in the geo charts within Lumira and  effortlessly share your insights across the organization for greater collaboration.

For more information on obtaining an Esri License and credentials please visit :

To  set your Esri Account in SAP Lumira enter your Esri account details under the Preferences :


Below I have created a simple Geo Chart highlighting the Sales Revenue across different locations :

simple chart.JPG

The type of chart can be changed to an Esri chart by selecting by selecting the “Geo Map” chart type :


This option opens up an Esri Map within Lumira. Following is an analysis of Sales Revenue in different regions using Esri.

Esri map.JPG

Now, you can drill – down in United States to see the Sales Revenue Distribution within a specific location. By Double clicking you can zoom into a location. A Drill-Down operation on a specific country – US has been applied.


A drill – down view of different states is available here which shows the Sales Revenue in the US states with Sales revenue being the highest in Texas, followed by California, New York, Illinois and Florida.


One of the nice features of Esri that is not present in native geo implementation is the concept of layers.


For example I can have a chloropleth map and then do a bubble plot on top of that. See below :


Here I have used the Marker capability to point out and mark the different geographic regions.


Another feature (also not present in the native geo offering) is the ability to show different map views: topographic, street, satellite, gray.

Street view.jpg

This can be now published to SAP Lumira Server/ Cloud. It would be very easy to modify this to include Lumira Server / Cloud by calling out that Esri credentials are supplied the first time you generate map (they can then be cached to avoid future re-prompts).

Here is a view of the Esri chart published on Lumira Cloud :


Please note that Esri maps capability is available in the SAP Lumira 1.17 – Standard Edition.

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  1. Antoine CHABERT

    Hi Avni,

    Thanks for the useful blog post. I would like to know which ESRI accounts are accepted to login. Is this ESRI public account or ArcGis online ones?



      1. Saikrishna Tarapareddy

        Hi Anvi,

        I set up esri arcgis online account and tried it in my SAP Predictive analysis (which has same features as Lumira). But i am never getting connected. I am getting a Timeout error. any help is greatly appreciated.


      2. Saikrishna Tarapareddy

        Hi ,

        I am still having the issue , i got proxy name and port from network people and used it.

        when i select Geo Map i am not seeing any ERSI maps , just seeing an empty screen.

        Before i put proxy settings i used to get a timeout error,  now i am not getting the error but not seeing the map either.

        any suggestions..??


  2. M. van Foeken

    Hi Avni,

    Great blog! Even tried publishing a story to SAP Lumira Server and this works as well! Just submit the ArcGIS Online account in the browser and the visualization is displayed.

    With kind regards,


  3. Nancy Lu

    I publish a story with esri map to cloud but it shows below. Is there any special setting to enable esri on Cloud.7-16-2014 5-08-55 PM.jpg

    1. Avni Savant Post author

      Hi Nancy,

      What edition of Lumira Desktop are you using to publish this map?

      Are you using ArcGIS Online account?



      1. Nancy Lu

        Hi Avni,

        The edition of my lumira desktop is 1.17.1 Build 1098.

        I am using ArcGIS online account.

        Esri works well in my lumira desktop.

        It’s just not working after publishing to Cloud.

        Any missing steps here?

        Best regards,


          1. Avni Savant Post author

            Also, you would need a paid Cloud account – not the free one. With a paid account, you belong to a team which is what is needed for Lumira Cloud..

  4. Glen De Santis


    Thanks for the article. I had an initial problem accessing ESRI through the Lumira client but it was related to my proxy settings and is sorted now.

    Do you know whether it is possible to access other maps you have created in ESRI rather than the default you have shown above? I’ve created a couple showing things like traffic, etc, but it doesn’t look like they are available in Lumira – you just get the ones you have shown (topographic, satellite etc).



            1. Glen De Santis

              Ah, yes – I did try this but it doesn’t show anything being available. Maybe there’s something on the ESRI side that needs to be done to convert any custom maps to a service?

    1. Saikrishna Tarapareddy

      Hi Glen,

      What kind of connectivity issues you faced. I set up esri arcgis online account and tried it in my SAP Predictive analysis (which has same features as Lumira). But i am never getting connected. I am getting a Timeout error. any help is greatly appreciated.


      1. Glen De Santis


        I had to turn off using the proxy, which I had been playing around with trying to get Lumira Client to connect to Lumira Cloud (still no luck there by the way). File > Preferences > Network. Once I did that it connected fine.



  5. Felix Becker


    Thanks for the detailed guide. Even with the Esri extension in use, we stick to the limitation of the cities >100k inhabitans for the intergrated geo server (Navteg).

    e.g., the city of SAP’s headoffice, Walldorf, can not be displayed with SP18.

    Will this be covered in the next SP?

    Thanks for clarification.

    1. Barnaby Richards

      Is it possible to integrate Lat/Long and Post Code into Esri or Lumira or both?  SAP’s native list of geographic locations is severely lacking for our needs.

      1. Felix Becker

        Hi Barnaby,

        you create in your Lumira dataset your geo hierarchy. While creating it you could choose between Lat/Long or Name. You can also craete multiple geo hierachies, e.g. one on name base and another based on lat/long. In you visualization you select which geo hierarchie to use for the maps.

        Just try it yourself. There should be enough tutorials and how to`s

        1. Barnaby Richards

          I have a numeric display attribute for latitude and another for longitude.  I have a 3rd for City.  I am unable to use the latitude and longitude fields to drive the creation of a geo hierarchy.  Any guide out there?

  6. John R

    Once a Lumira document has been created to include a ESRI Map chart using a ArcGIS Online account, and then published to a BO Launchpad for consumption by other users, does each individual user who wants to view the Lumira document in the Launchpad (and see the map within it) have to login with their own ArcGIS Online username/password?

  7. Miguel Blasco

    Once I create an ArcGIS Online Account I saw that my account is valid just for 60 days is that ok? or I need to create it in another way to obtain the ESRI base maps?

    ESRI Account.PNG

    Thanks in advance!


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